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Welcome to FBL Orlando!
FBL Community,

We are excited to have our 19th season of FBL here in Central Florida!!   We are continuing to grow each and every year and are back to 10 teams each in FBL and in FBDL.   This is a testimony to everyone buying into the culture that we are promoting:  Family and community through basketball  
FBDL continue to evolve and we have over 40+ new players this upcoming season.  This is all friends and family from current players and we are excited to welcome them into the Filipino Community.  It's amazing to see the growth of individual players and how generations of fathers and sons can now compete with one another.  
This year more than ever, we are seeing families grow.   Sons are outplaying fathers, and the torch has officially been passed.  FBL and FBDL provide that opportunity  for generations to play with one another that would not othewise exist.   Continue to enjoy that experience as we love seeing the young men mature year after year. 

Thank you to the staff for being the heartbeat of this organization. While we are all working professionals, we all appreciate the time, energy, and efforts spent in your personal time. The sacrifices you make to keep the community going are greatly recognized and appreciated.

Let's all have a great 2018  season and we look forward to seeing everyone again!!!

-Romeo and Zhaleen
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