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2016 FBDL Preseason Message and Rankings
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Subject: 2016 FBDL Preseason Message and Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
[Deep breath in…] Ahhhhhh!! Smell that? FBL and FBDL are back and bigger than ever. 10 teams for each league with some familiar faces and a whole slew of newer ones. I am anxious and excited to see how FBDL goes this year, since half of the league are brand new players to the league. It’s really good to see that returning players have recruited along with the power of word of mouth. Just shows how fun and competitive this league is. As much as I had enjoyed the Boy Band theme from last year and will be deeply missed, we will have to say “Bye, Bye, Bye” and welcome in the new theme…Superheroes! I know some of you already think that you’re superheroes off the court, but can y’all get into character on the court?

We have some strong players returning back into the mix this season. It’s also refreshing to see that some groups of players have been broken up as well. Commissioner Romeo will look to lead a team of veterans without the services of MVP Quang Pham and “Mr Do-It-All” Brandon Baroody as they will be leading their own respective teams. Eric Nelson and Buddy Alo have returned to joined forces once again. 4 of the top scorers in the league from last season have also returned, which includes the cold-blooded sniper and leading candidate for this season’s MVP, Luis Duque.

While we have some good returning players from seasons past, we also have some solid players that may be new to FBDL, but definitely are familiar faces within the Orlando basketball scene. John Nguyen, who’s been a staple of ABL and FSA leagues in Orlando, will look to bring his leadership and success to a team that, quite frankly, could make a run for the title. He’s going to have some help from MVP candidate, Tony Spskjhdkahdha. Joe Nguyen, with no relation to John, will be interesting to watch as well, as he teams up with Quang to lead an inexperience squad.

Throughout the season, I will be posting weekly power rankings and commentary. Please feel free to read and comment, but like always…Keep It Clean! As we inch into the season that starts in 2 days, here is a my Preseason Rankings along with leading MVP candidates:

Preseason Rankings:
1. Batman
2. Cyclops
3. Thor
4. War Machine
5. Flash
6. Spiderman
7. Hulk
8. Superman
9. Captain America
10. Ironman

MVP Candidates:
1. Luis Duque
2. Justin Roux
3. Brandon Baroody
4. Quang Pham
5. Tony Spsjndfskfshfs
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