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2016 Winter FBDL Week 2 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 2 Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2016 Winter FBDL Week 2 Rankings:

1. Batman (1-0): Last Week:#1
A very well-rounded team, probably best in the league, with a good combo of basketball IQ, defense and size. Great balance in guard play between Jason Birkett and Damien Babington, who gave the Superman guards a hard time the whole game. Charlie Heo had a strong, early showing with 14 pts (4-3pt fgs) and big man Nick Lee had a double-double in his FBDL debut. As I predicted, this is the #1 team to beat this season. Guess we now know what the outcome will be in the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman…

Last Game: def. Superman (61-54) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-1)

2. Cyclops (1-0): Last week: #2
With the size and skills of this team, they can certainly compete with Batman for that #1 spot. Struggled the last couple of seasons, Paul Sumulong brought some old friends along with some new ones for a chance at the title. Big man, Joel Adkins, dominated the vertically-challenged Thor team and scored in every direction, dropping the Jumpman with 23 pts. From what I’ve seen in the past, that was a sub-par game Collin Outerbridge with 18 pts and 6 asts including 5 turnovers. We’ll see how they’ll do this week once they have their full squad in place (scary thought).

Last Game: def. Thor (65-53) Next Game: vs. Captain America (0-1)

3. Flash (1-0): Last Week: #5
Talk about coming of the gates strong and putting a whoopin’ on War Machine. Flash had 5 players in double figures with Eric Nelson leading the pack with 17 pts. They took advantage of War Machine and the lack of a ball handler and had 15 steals. This team looks to rely on their defense to jump start their offensive game, which is never a bad thing. This league does have teams with stronger guard play, so they’ll have to figure out something on offense if their defense can’t create havoc.

Last Game: def. War Machine (78-47) Next Game: vs. Hulk (1-0)

4. Spiderman (1-0): Last Week: #6
A very solid game by Spiderman in their first game of the season with 4 out of 6 players in double figures. Slightly impressive considering that they were missing probably their two best players in Brandon and Dannica Baroody. They also somehow kept leading MVP candidate, Luis Duque, in check. Newcomer Ed Porch led the way offensively with 20 pts. Spiderman is one of those teams that you have to keep an eye on because they can certainly creep up in these rankings if they continue playing at this rate.

Last Game: def. Ironman (66-59) Next Game: vs. Thor (0-1)

5. Hulk (1-0): Last Week: #7
The wily-ole veterans of FBL are up to their old tricks again. This time, they’re bringing the young guns and future FBL stars with them. The father-son shooting combo of Mitch and Brand Urian (12 and 15 pts respectively) will cause a lot of problems for a lot of teams in this league, especially if you lose sight of them on the court. Trigger-happy, yet very accurate from long range, they can and will shoot you out of the gym. It also helps when they have the Commissioner and Kyle Whelan protecting the paint. Same as Spiderman, can they stay consistent?

Last Game: def. Captain America (56-42) Next Game: vs. Flash (1-0)

6. Thor (0-1): Last Week: #3
On paper, I thought this team would be within the top group in the standings when I predicted them at #3 in the preseason. Now grant it, they played against the second best team in the league, but definitely put a lackluster showing. FBL veteran, Jonathan Baliwag, contributed plenty in rebounds and assists, but for this team to compete he’s going to put up more than a goose egg in points. Tony S. had a solid outing of 17 pts with 5-3pt fgs in addition to the two John’s, Hwangbo and Nguyen, 13 and 15 pts. The team looked a little scattered both offensively and defensively. Hopefully they can figure it out against team Spiderman this week.

Last Game: lost to Cyclops (53-65) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (1-0)

7. War Machine (0-1): Last Week: #4
You would think by watching this team that they were running a bakery with all of those turnovers they had against Flash. They managed to turn the ball over more than they had fgs made, 20-13! Definitely can’t win at any level with that kind of ratio. Quay Hu put it a solid effort with 19 pts, but is going to need a lot of help from his team. If his brother Jay can play this season, then that should reduce the amount of turnovers. With the biggest drop of any team this week in rankings, hopefully they’ll lick their wounds and be ready for the game against #1 Batman.

Last Game: lost to Flash (78-47) Next Game: vs. Batman (1-0)

8. Superman (0-1): Last Week: #8
Disappointing start and loss for last year’s MVP Quang Pham and company as they were unable to mount a comeback against team Batman for an upset. Team Superman looked sluggish from the start and Batman’s balance and size proved too much for them. Joe Nguyen almost messed around and got a triple-double with 4 assists shy of reaching that feat. This team will need their big man, Chris Brunson, to be a little more assertive and use that size of his on both offense and defense. Can they bounce back against the lowly Ironman team? If only they can contain Luis Duque…

Last Game: lost to Batman (54-61) Next Game: vs. Ironman (0-1)

9. Captain America (0-1): Last Week: #9
For this team to be competitive, they’re going to need better and consistent play from their top 2 players, David Williams and Justin Roux. David’s leadership and effort will have to be mirrored by the rest of the team, but more importantly Justin will have to score more than 10 pts. Plus it didn’t help that they had a dismal time at the FT line, 2 for 13. It won’t help their confidence this week as they go against #2 Cyclops.

Last Week: lost to Hulk (42-56) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (1-0)

10. Ironman (0-1): Last Week #10
So you’re telling me that there is a better scorer on this team than Luis Duque? I’d say no way, but the numbers don’t lie. Rookie Aizan Khan dropped 26 pts in his FBDL debut, the most of any player last week. If Luis can score at least 25 pts per game and Aizan can stay consistent, these two can beat some of these teams by themselves. Ok maybe not…Luis only had 15 pts and the next best scorer only had 5. Chip Hoch will need to add a little more value, if this team looks to compete.

Last Week: lost to Spiderman (59-66) Next Game: vs. Superman (0-1)

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