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2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Power Rankings
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2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings:

1. Batman (2-0): Last Week: #1
What a dominating performance by Team Batman this past weekend, defeating War Machine by 33 pts! Chris Chen…yes I said Chris Chen…almost scored as many points as the entire War Machine team! Another scary thought to think that anyone on this team can go off offensively during any game. I knew it was going to be a blowout, but damn! Batman has another easy game lined up for week 3 as they face team Ironman.

Last Game: def. War Machine (62-29) Next Game: vs. Ironman (0-2)

2. Cyclops (2-0): Last week: #2
Surprisingly weak showing by Cyclops against a very weak Captain America team, even without Justin Roux. Although they ended beating them by 12 pts, this game was actually somewhat competitive throughout. Big man Joel Adkins struggled to find any rhythm, scoring only 2 pts compared to his 23 in his season debut. This team will have to find some consistency against a decent team Flash led by veterans Buddy and Eric.

Last Game: def. Captain America (45-33) Next Game: vs. Flash (1-1)

3. Spiderman (2-0): Last Week: #4
As expected back from missing the season opener, Brandon Baroody had a strong season debut. He poured in 18 pts, 9 rebs, 7 asts and 5 steals and had a lot of help in the first half from Ed Porch, who finished with 24 pts. Team Spiderman almost let the game slip away, allowing team Thor to shoot their way back into the final minutes. With the return of Brandon and the consistent scoring from Ed, this team can definitely finish in the top 2 by the end of the season…if they can figure out their defensive strategy.

Last Game: def. Thor (68-65) Next Game: vs. Captain America (0-2)

4. Hulk (2-0): Last Week: #5
The grandfathers of the league are definitely relying on the young bucks of the team to carry the scoring load. In the season opener, Brandon Urian led the way and this past weekend young big guy Kyle Whelan had 23 pts and 12 rebs. Team Hulk also had some help from Chad Del Rosario’s season debut and his double-double of 12 pts and 11 rebs. Week 3 presents an easy matchup against War Machine, in which I predict Brandon will be putting on his Chef Curry apron on and cookin’ on them boys!

Last Game: def. Flash (51-44) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-2)

5. Flash (1-1): Last Week: #3
Team Flash put up a good fight against a surging team Hulk, but fell short due to a lack of scoring from their role players. Buddy and Eric did their part with 18 and 16 pts respectively, but saw no help from the rest of the group. Someone mentioned that they found Mhyke Taasan was discovered in the lost and found box outside the gym. Makes sense since he contributed with 0 pts. As they go against the top teams in this league, they have to realize that Buddy and Eric cannot cherry pick and shoot wild layups on their own. Another tough challenge comes their way in week 3.

Last Game: lost to Hulk (44-51) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (2-0)

6. Superman (0-1): Last Week: #8
Not sold on team Superman just yet, as they struggled in the first 30 minutes of the game against a Luis-less Ironman team. Joe Nguyen led the way with 24 pts and scored more than half of the team’s total output. Quang Pham struggled from the field and is definitely not looking like his old self. Big man Chris Brunson didn’t do much either, grabbing only 2 rebs. This is not a recipe for success if they plan to contend with the better teams in this league and I attribute this victory to an absent Luis Duque who would’ve easily had 30 pts on this team.

Last Game: def. Ironman (43-31) Next Game: vs. Thor (0-2)

7. Thor (0-2): Last Week: #6
This team is steadily dropping in the rankings like a stripper on a pole. Preseason #3, team Thor is struggling to find the right formula for success. One bright spot is MVP candidate, Tony Spdjashdahy, who is channeling his inner Steph Curry and had 26 pts with 8-3pts. Where there is a bright spot, well there’s also a dark spot. Jonathan Baliwag is current averaging 0 pts in first 2 games. They’re going to need some offense from him, if they plan on winning any games.

Last Game: lost to Spiderman (65-68) Next Game: vs. Superman (1-1)

8. Captain America (0-1): Last Week: #9
Definitely better effort against the #2 team, considering they were missing Justin Roux. It would’ve been more competitive if he was there, but it’s a good sign if they were able to compete without him. David Williams will need to be more assertive when it comes to scoring, especially with the lack of scoring power on the team. In their first 2 games, they are 3 for 21 from the free throw line…

Last Week: lost to Cyclops (33-45) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (2-0)

9. Ironman (0-2): Last Week #10
So why did team Ironman move up one spot in the rankings, you ask? Well because there’s a new worst team in the league (see #10). No Luis Duque, Aizan fell back to Earth last game, and Chip is hanging out with Myhke Taasan in the lost and found bounce. Dylan Rivera stepped up and played up to his potential, but it wasn’t enough against a weak Superman team. If Luis, Aizan and Dylan can play together and be consistent, they would actually have a chance in this league. But…that’ll need to happen after their game against #1 Batman.

Last Week: lost to Superman (31-43) Next Game: vs. Batman (2-0)

10. War Machine (0-2): Last Week: #7
On the same stripper pole as team Thor, they have fallen faster to the bottom of the rankings than the Orlando Magic. The tandem of Quay and Jay put up a total of 6 pts, which can’t happen if they want to win. They’re going to have to carry the scoring load while the team needs to utilize their size advantage against other teams. One positive note, only 3 turnovers last game. Next up, Brandon Curry and the Filipino Warriors…I mean team Hulk.

Last Game: lost to Batman (62-29) Next Game: vs. Hulk (2-0)

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