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2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Predictions
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Predictions
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2016 Winter FBDL Week 3 Predictions

5pm Court 1: #5 Flash vs #2 Cyclops (Game of the Week)
Both teams coming off disappointing games, though Cyclops won theirs. Team Flash will look to rebound with a victory as they hope to get more help outside of Buddy and Eric especially from Myhke Taasan. If team Cyclops plan to stay in the top 2 of the rankings, they’re going to need more production from Joel Adkins and Paul Sumulong. This is going to be a battle inside the paint and should be a very physical game.

Prediction: Flash wins by 3 pts

5pm Court 2: #10 War Machine vs #4 Hulk
Another tough matchup for War Machine as they look to avoid their 3rd straight 30-pt loss against a surging Hulk team. Quay and Jay will need to step it up, but I don’t really see that happening against a good defensive team. I predict Brandon Urian will have at least 7 3’s and Kyle Whelan will have at least 20 pts, as the young guys of team Hulk look to demolish War Machine.

Prediction: Hulk destroys War Machine by 28 pts

6pm Court 1: #9 Ironman vs #1 Batman
Batman has another easy matchup this week as they go against another bottom-tier team in Ironman. Hopefully Luis Duque plays this one and at least make this interesting. If he plays, this game may be closer than most people think…and don’t think I’m crazy if I call it an upset. But I don’t want to disrespect the #1 team as they continue their dominance early in the season. Let’s hope that Captain Charlie keeps his team focused and not look forward to their matchup against team Hulk in 2 weeks.

Prediction: Batman defeats Ironman by 11

6pm Court 2: #7 Thor vs #6 Superman
An intriguing matchup between two teams still searching for their identities and consistency. A lot of questions by both teams coming into this one, such as “can Quang Pham return to his MVP form?” or “will Jonathan Baliwag score a point this season?” For team Superman, can Chris Brunson play like a big man?. Is Tony S. allergic of everything inside the 3-pt line? We need some of these questions answered this Saturday…

Prediction: Thor loses another close one by 2 pts

7pm Court 1: #8 Captain America vs #3 Spiderman
If Justin Roux plays, this could be a really good matchup between 2 bigs, he and Ed Porch of Spiderman. Ed has a been surprise player this season as he’s averaging 20+ pts in his first 2 games. This was something I had predicted for Justin to do this season, but so far he’s not living up to the hype. Brandon Baroody will look to continue his Russell Westbrook ways of stuffing that stat sheet.

Prediction: Spiderman wins by 17

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