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2016 Winter FBDL Week 5 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 5 Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2016 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings:
1. Cyclops (4-0): Last week: #1
I feel like this team is capable of so much more and have yet to play to their full potential. It also seems like they play to their competition. I understand they were shorthanded, but the worst team in the league didn’t have half of their roster playing. They cut down on their turnovers, but they will only go as far as Collin can take them and 11 pts won’t be enough on most nights. Paul looked like his 2005 self and had a solid 21 pts. Team Cyclops better bring their A-game this week against the #2 team.

Last Game: def. War Machine (53-47) Next Game: vs. Hulk (4-0)

2. Hulk (4-0): Last Week: #3
Team Hulk came out with a victory in a very physical matchup against the former #1 team Batman. It was a team effort as Chad led the way with 14 pts, 7 rebs and 4 stls. This team could be very dangerous going into the playoffs, but they need to figure how to play inside-out. This means they need to run their offense through Chad and Kyle, which will open up spots for their shooters, Brandon and Mitch. Commissioner Romeo still doesn’t look like he’s fitting into the current scheme, so team Hulk will need to incorporate him a bit more. Big game coming up this weekend.

Last Game: def. Batman (53-47) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (4-0)

3. Spiderman (3-1): Last Week: #2
Tough loss last weekend against a pretty solid Flash team, though their record doesn’t reflect that. Not a bad game overall by team Spiderman, but their weakness definitely was present in the defense. Team Spiderman looked a little soft in the paint as Ed Porch was no match for Eric Nelson. Offensively they looked fine as Brandon received some help from DJ Hue, who dropped in 19 pts. They will get a chance to work on their defense this weekend against War Machine.

Last Game: lost to Flash (61-68) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-4)

4. Superman (3-1): Last Week: #5
I guess big man, Chris Brunson, saw my commentary from last week because he seemed to be a bit more focused against team Captain America. Chris had 17 pts with 5-3pts and looked he found some rhythm on this offense. “Jack Em” Joe posted a monster double-double with 34 pts and 14 rebs. If Chris can start dominating in the paint as big as he is and Quang can find his consistency, this team will continue to climb in the rankings. But can they beat a team that doesn’t have a losing record? We’ll see this weekend, I guess.

Last Game: def. Captain America (72-50) Next Game: vs. Flash (2-2)

5. Flash (2-2): Last Week: #6
Good solid victory against a really good team in team Spiderman as their roller coaster ride continues. In this early season, team Flash has had one of tougher schedules to this point as they have played against of the top 5 teams so far. That will continue this week as they go against team Superman. While Buddy struggled offensively scoring-wise, he was able to find Eric and Mark Scacewater quite often for easy open baskets. Mark finished the game with 26 pts and 16 rebs. If Mark can continue this type of performance, they can be a very tough team to beat.

Last Game: def. Spiderman (68-61) Next Game: vs. Superman (3-1)

6. Batman (2-2): Last Week: #4
Looks like Chris Chen came back down to earth last weekend after posting two straight double-doubles of 20+ pts and 10+ rebs. He struggled offensively with 8 pts and only 8 rebs. One question: where is Nick Lee? He has missed three straight games after having a solid season debut. Team Batman will need him to play if they look to rebound from a 2-game losing streak as he provides a solid inside presence. Captain Charlie will need to reel in his squad and hopefully get back to their winning ways against team Thor.

Last Game: lost to Batman (48-53) Next Game: vs. Thor (0-4)

7. Ironman (2-2): Last Week #7
Team Ironman is starting to turn the corner as they are a 2-game winning streak, which began by upsetting team Batman a couple weeks ago. They looked great this past weekend after defeating team Thor by 43 pts! It wasn’t a typical Luis Duque show, but it was a team effort with 4 players scoring in double-figures. They dominated in all facets of the game and they plan on continuing the winning momentum against another terrible team this weekend.

Last Week: def. Thor (77-34) Next Game: vs. Captain America (0-4)

8. Thor (0-4): Last Week: #8
Has anyone put out a missing persons report yet? Because I can’t seem to find Jonathan Baliwag anywhere. Maybe it’s because the way his team plays or he is saving himself for his import games, but he’s not contributing the way he is capable of doing. Players not showing any effort and players showing up late, this team is just horrible right now. They’re lucky there are 10 teams in this league.

Last Game: lost to Ironman (34-77) Next Game: vs. Batman (2-2)

9. Captain America (0-4): Last Week: #9
We have a Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr aka Mr Get Buckets sighting. The leading scorer from a few seasons ago has returned alongside his buddy David Williams, but it still wasn’t enough to win a game. David and Joe each had 19 pts in a losing effort as they were no match against Jack Em Joe of Superman. Can James Harden Jr help Captain America win a game this season? Maybe if Justin Roux actually shows up to a game.

Last Week: lost to Spiderman (50-72) Next Game: vs. Ironman (2-2)

10. War Machine (0-4): Last Week: #10
Another tough loss, this time to the #1 team Cyclops. Maybe they should have half of their team not show up and rely on the Avengers to help out more often. Not even sure who’s on their team anymore and it doesn’t matter at this point. We can probably chalk another loss for them this week.

Last Game: lost to Cyclops (47-53) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (3-1)

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