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2016 Winter FBDL Week 8 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 8 Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2016 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings (no games in week 7)

1. Hulk (5-1): Last Week: #2
With Team Cyclops losing and them winning against a formidable opponent, Team Hulk has risen to the top spot of the rankings. Josh Cabarrubias continues his strong play and scoring as he led the way with 24 pts. Commissioner Romeo added 12 pts and 16 rebs as he dominated the paint against a weak interior of Team Spiderman. Though Mitch only added 1 pt to the scoring column, he did provide 10 asts with 0 turnovers. Another tough matchup next week against Team Superman, who will certainly test them for the #1 spot.

Last Game: def. Spiderman (66-53) Next Game: vs. Superman (5-1)

2. Superman (5-1): Last Week: #4
Jack Joe put up another dominating performance as he continues his case to not only be Rookie of the Year, but also MVP. He dropped in 36 pts and 10 rebs, which marks his 4th straight game of 30+ pt and 10+ reb. I guess Quang saw my post from last week as well, since he looked like he return to his old self. He had a nice triple-double with 23 pts, 10 rebs and 11 asts. They have defeated all the bottom-tier teams as they go up against Team Hulk in a final stretch of tough games to come.

Last Game: def. War Machine (83-66) Next Game: vs. Hulk (5-1)

3. Cyclops (5-1): Last week: #1
Outplayed and outmatched are some key words to use in their disappointing loss to Team Batman last weekend. A 19 pt loss is a hard pill to swallow as they were getting pummeled inside the paint area and turned the ball over too many times. They certainly didn’t look like the #1 team, especially with Collin having only 9 pts and 8 turnovers. Paul added 28 pts with 14 of those points coming from the FT line. Not sure how he got to the line 15 times, yet only one person from Team Batman fouled out?

Last Game: lost to Batman (60-79) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (4-2)

4. Ironman (4-2): Last Week #5
No Luis, no problem. They also didn’t have their 2nd leading scorer in Aizan either, but Team Ironman was unfazed against Team Flash as they defeated them by 25 pts. Dylan stepped up and into the spotlight as he had 33 pts and 11 rebs, all career-highs. Surprisingly, they also dominated the rebounding 43-21 against a really good rebounding team. This team is on a nice run with 4 game winning streak, which should continue this week against the worst team in the league, War Machine.

Last Week: def. Flash (78-53) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-6)

5. Batman (4-2): Last Week: #6
Team Batman definitely stepped up to the challenge against the #1 team in Team Cyclops. They also stepped up to call of no defense as they held Team Cyclops to 60 pts. Offensively, this team is scoring points like no one’s business. Chris Chen should have his name in MVP consideration this season as he posted his career-high in points of 32 against a really solid squad. Their guard play is also proving to be a catalyst as Damian and Charlie have provided consistent scoring in the backcourt. This team is poised to be back in the championship conversation after their latest victory.

Last Game: def. Thor (83-80) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (5-1)

6. Spiderman (4-2): Last Week: #3
Tough loss to a really tough team in Team Hulk, but they were outplayed the majority of the contest. Well Dannica certainly played better last game compared to recent weeks, but it wasn’t enough, especially with Brandon only able to contribute 11 pts with a shorthanded squad. Their inexperience was on display against Team Hulk as they made a lot of mistakes and took some really bad shots. Ed had a strong game with 17 pts and 16 rebs, but had some unforced errors to go along with DJ’s bad decisions. Can they regroup and turn it around down the stretch?

Last Game: lost to Hulk (53-66) Next Game: vs. Captain America (1-5)

7. Flash (2-4): Last Week: #7
4 players scored in double figures, but they fell short in OT to team Superman. Eric played very well with 18 pts and 16 rebs, but it wasn’t enough to grind out a victory. If they could limit their turnovers, this team could be in the discussion as one of the top teams. They will need to forget this loss and look ahead as they can finish the season in the upper half with the return of Mark to the lineup. As shown in the last game, this team will be hard to beat.

Last Game: lost to Ironman (53-78) Next Game: vs. Thor (0-6)

8. Captain America (1-5): Last Week: #9
Captain has notched their 1st victory of the season as they easily handled Team Thor in the Battle of the Winless. As I have said since Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. aka Mr. Get Buckets joined the team, if Justin shows up and David plays his normal role of facilitator this can win games. Justin and Joe combined for 50 pts as they each scored 24 and 26 pts respectively. Justin also added his season high of 18 rebs against a vertically challenged team in Team Thor. They will need to continue this type of play, as they still have time to make a move in the rankings.

Last Week: def Thor (80-61) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (4-2)

9. Thor (0-6): Last Week: #8
John Nguyen returned to Planet Earth after exploding for 42 pts two weekends ago as he contributed 16 pts in their lost to Captain America. Tony S. returned to his scoring and 3pt shooting way as he added 22 pts, but it was enough. Thor was completely dominated inside and had no match defensively against Joe Roy and Justin. This team is still searching for their 1st win in what’s considered a very disappointing season so far.

Last Game: lost to Captain America (80-61) Next Game: vs. Flash (2-4)

10. War Machine (0-6): Last Week: #10
Sorry War Machine, I guess I spoke too soon last week and woke up the beast in Quang Pham. This week is not much of an easier matchup as they go up against Luis Duque and the surging Ironman. I must give credit, this team continues to fight and have been making some strides the past 3-4 games. They have a chance to get their first win in the last 2-3 weeks of the season, but I don’t see that happening just yet against team Ironman. Quay continues to carry this team, but did see some help come from Mike Fidler, who had 18 pts and 13 rebs.

Last Game: lost to Superman (66-83) Next Game: vs. Ironman (4-2)

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