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2016 Winter FBDL Week 9 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 9 Power Rankings
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2016 Winter FBDL Week 9 Rankings

1. Superman (6-1): Last Week: #2
Another week, another new #1 team. Jack Em Joe fell short of his 5th straight 30-pt game of the season as he was one point shy with 29 pts and adding 11 rebs. Quang had his 2nd straight solid game and looks like he’s starting to find his rhythm with the playoffs right around the corner. Team Superman had some help against a deep, veteran team in Team Hulk with Jacob Valente adding 10 pts off the bench. This marks their 6th straight victory with another tough battle coming up against Team Cyclops.

Last Game: def. Hulk (65-54) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (6-1)

2. Cyclops (6-1): Last week: #3
As a good team should, Team Cyclops took advantage of a shorthanded Team Spiderman in a rebound game after suffering their 1st loss 2 weeks ago. 4 players scored in double-figures in a well-balanced attack, led by Joel Adkins and Marco Lopez with 15 pts each. Paul and Collin played and protected the ball well compared to recent weeks. With them handling the ball the majority of the time, they will need to play a clean game against Team Superman who are very feisty on the defensive end.

Last Game: def. Spiderman (62-46) Next Game: vs. Superman (6-1)

3. Ironman (5-2): Last Week #4
Right behind Team Superman in terms of hot streaks, Team Ironman has won their 5th straight and continue to climb the rankings. My favorite Ironman, Luis Duque, returned to the lineup and poured in 24 pts against a porous defensive team. His right man, Aizan, also returned to the lineup and added 13 pts. This team is on a good right now that a lot of folks didn’t expect. As we get closer to the playoffs, they will need to figure how to utilize Dylan Rivera more effectively when both Luis and Aizan are all on the court together. If they do, this will be a very dangerous team…

Last Week: def. War Machine (65-47) Next Game: vs. Hulk (5-2)

4. Hulk (5-2): Last Week: #1
Another tough test last week for Team Hulk, unfortunately the results weren’t in their favor as they lost to Team Superman. 4 players scored in double-figures with Chad and Mitch leading the way, but they had no answer against Jack Em Joe. Though Josh Cabarrubias had 11 pts, he was mostly held in check compared to his last couple of games where he was averaging 20+. Turnovers were the difference in this one as they lost the ball 17 times, 14 of which were steals by Team Superman. They will be looking to bounce back as they go up against Luis and the hot Team Ironman this week.

Last Game: lost to Superman (54-65) Next Game: vs. Ironman (5-2)

5. Spiderman (4-3): Last Week: #6
No Brandon, well that’s a problem. Only reason I have them move up is because a team forfeited last week that was above them. Very disappointing output from Ed and DJ as they only combined for 10 total points in a game where they needed to produce without the services of Brandon, Adrian and Dannica. They were able to stay close and even led early in the game, but Team Cyclops was too much in the 2nd half. John Boyle had a double-double with 10 pts and 10 rebs, but obviously wasn’t enough. They’ll prove their worthiness for the #5 spot as they play Team Forfeit, I mean Team Batman.

Last Game: lost to Cyclops (46-62) Next Game: vs. Batman (4-3)

6. Batman (4-3): Last Week: #5
No one showed up except Jason Birkett, so they forfeited. If I was Jason, I would take all the shots in the next game for being the only on the team to show.

Last Game: forfeited to Captain America (0-20) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (4-3)

7. Captain America (2-5): Last Week: #8
Not every showed up for them as well, but they had more than one person show so that’s why they won by forfeit.

Last Week: def Batman (20-0) Next Game: vs. Flash (2-5)

8. Flash (2-5): Last Week: #7
You would think with 2 players scoring more than 20 pts in a game would be enough to win in this league, but not when you play against a team that shot lights out. Eric showed what he’s capable of when he’s locked, scoring 27 pts and grabbing 16 rebs. Young JC added a season high with 21 pts, but they still lost by 20 pts. They certainly could have used Mark Scacewater in this one offensively, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered with the way Team Thor was playing. I’m sure Eric is not happy with the way this season is going, especially with the team they have.

Last Game: lost to Thor (67-87) Next Game: vs. Captain America (2-5)

9. Thor (1-6): Last Week: #9
Finally notched their 1st victory of the season and in style as well. All 5 players scored in double-figures with Tony S. leading the way with 29 pts, 27 of those points coming from 3-pointers. Jonathan Baliwag finally had his best game of the season along with strong contributions from Peter Pham and Chris Depol. This team can possibly get their 2nd win this week, if John Nguyen and Tony S. can be consistent.

Last Game: def. Flash (87-67) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-7)

10. War Machine (0-7): Last Week: #10
As I predicted, Team War Machine could not contain Luis which resulted in their 7th straight loss of the season. This team is lacking an offensive threat or at least someone that can score efficiently. Mike Fidler has shown glimpses, but he doesn’t have the ability to do it week in and week out. Same goes for Quay, who’s the leader of this team. Good news is that they play Team Thor this week. Bad news is that they have to defend against sharpshooter Tony S.

Last Game: lost to Ironman (47-65) Next Game: vs. Thor (1-6)

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