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2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Power Rankings
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2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Rankings

1. Cyclops (7-1): Last week: #2
Cyclops is back at the top of the rankings after gritty victory over a tough Superman team. It was a good game as Superman started off strong but cooled off in the 2nd half, which Cyclops took advantage of. Cyclops was led by their 2 usual suspects of Collin and Paul. Paul built a home at the free throw line, going 9 for 9. It marked his 6th straight game of 5+ attempts at the FT line. Big key was that they held the league-leading scorer, Jack Em Joe, to only 15 pts. Luis and team Ironman is up next.

Last Game: def. Superman (52-43) Next Game: vs. Ironman (6-2)

2. Ironman (6-2): Last Week #3
Go ahead and mark it as the 6th straight victory for team Ironman after starting the season 0-2. Their big 3: Luis, Aizan and Dylan each scored in double-figures as they blew out Romeo and Team Hulk. Hulk struggled the majority of the game to keep pace with Luis and crew, but didn’t move the ball around all the well either…3 asts as a team! Ironman had 16 total assists as a team and they seem to be having out there on the court. Can this team go from bottom of the barrel to top of the rankings? Well they got a chance to do it in the season finale!

Last Week: def. Hulk (68-48) Next Game: vs. Cyclops (7-1)

3. Superman (6-2): Last Week: #1
Their reign at the top spot was short-lived and they haven’t struggled like that since early in the season. Jack Em Joe was jacking them, but not a lot of shots were going in. He seemed a little thrown off by the physical defense by Team Cyclops and was unable to sustain his fast start. If Joe struggles, they need others to step up especially Quang and Chris Brunson. Average games will not cut it during playoff time.

Last Game: lost to Cyclops (43-52) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (5-3)

4. Spiderman (5-3): Last Week: #5
Not a pretty game, but a win is a win especially when going up against a scrappy team like Team Batman. Team Spiderman returned to the winning formula by putting the ball in the hands of their playmaker, Brandon Baroody. Brandon scored 17 pts and added 5 stls, while the rest of the scored and contributed to the victory. Come playoff time, he will need some help in the scoring column from Ed and DJ.

Last Game: def. Batman (51-41) Next Game: vs. Superman (6-2)

5. Hulk (5-3): Last Week: #4
Late in the season and age is looking to be a factor for Team Hulk as they were unable to contain the young guns of Team Ironman. In addition, 3 total assists as a team will not win too many games. Too much one-on-ones and wild shot attempts do not help the cause either. I understand Team Hulk has plays, well they might want to start drawing up plays with dotted lines indicating the movement of the ball from one player to the other.

Last Game: lost to Ironman (48-58) Next Game: vs. Thor (2-6)

6. Batman (4-4): Last Week: #5
Talk about an ugly game, but a terrible performance from Team Batman. A usually high-scoring team was only able to put up 41 pts, but certainly giving credit to Team Spiderman’s defense. Good to see Nick Lee returning after a 2-month hiatus, but his guards disappeared and also took touches away from Chris Chen, who’s been having a nice season. Once considered a top tier team, they’ve been floating around in the middle of the pack and likely go into the playoffs the same way.

Last Game: lost to Spiderman (41-51) Next Game: vs. Flash (3-5)

7. Thor (2-6): Last Week: #9
Who is Peter Pham and where was this the whole season? I guess his teammates have been stashing him on the bench and saving him for the playoffs. He channeled his inner-Tony S. and dropped 9-3 pts for a total of 27 pts. This guy didn’t know how to act or do with himself as he celebrated after every shot by doing the Steph Curry, some shotgun like maneuver with his arms and then a bow and arrow? Whatever the case, this guy had the game of his life.

Last Game: def. War Machine (60-51) Next Game: vs. Hulk (5-3)

8. Flash (3-5): Last Week: #8
Team Flash definitely gave us a “flash” of what they’re capable of offensively, but only somehow only beating Captain America by 5 pts. 4 players for Team Flash scored in double-figures. Eric had his normal game, but who is Chris Gonzales? He had 22 pts in the game. Crazy stat: he had a total of 22 pts in 7 games prior to last week. Similar to Batman, Team Flash has had a disappointing season, but things could change as the playoffs are coming up.

Last Game: def. Captain America (68-63) Next Game: vs. Batman (4-4)

9. Captain America (2-6): Last Week: #7
Tough fight, but unfortunately unable to put the game away early as they were up big in the 1st half. Unforced turnovers late and poor defense gave the game to team Flash. David and Justin combined for 19 pts while Carlos scored 18 pts alone. James Harden Jr. had 17 but wasn’t enough to give the team a victory. They get to play team War Machine to finish the season.

Last Week: lost to Flash (63-68) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-8)

10. War Machine (0-8): Last Week: #10
I’m surprised they lost this game, which could have given them their 1st victory. Not sure how or why, but they let Peter Pham of Team Thor go off and they were also without Tony S. Come on guys, last chance to get a W before playoffs. I’m rooting for ya!

Last Game: lost to Thor (51-60) Next Game: vs. Captain America (2-6)

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