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2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Predictions
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2016 Winter FBDL Week 10 Predictions

5pm Court 1: #2 Ironman vs #1 Cyclops (Game of the Week)
Another 1-2 matchup for the 3rd straight week and to finish off the regular season. Team Ironman is on fire right now riding a 6-game winning streak. Team Cyclops stopped Jack Em Joe last week, can they do the same against Luis? It should be a good game and it will kick off the series of season finales this week before playoffs

Prediction: Ironman defeats Cyclops by 6 pts

5pm Court 2: #3 Superman vs #4 Spiderman
This should be a solid game as it pits two former teammates against one another, Brandon and Quang. Quang’s team may have the advantage in this one as they have the leading scorer in Joe who’s averaging almost 30 pts a game. Joe will certainly look to bounce back from a below-average game last week as he was only able to put up 15 against Cyclops. This should be a close throughout and may come down to one final shot.

Prediction: Superman by 1

6pm Court 1: #6 Batman vs #8 Flash
What do you get when two underachieving teams play one another? Well, a lot of unachievements and egos. All jokes aside, this should be an entertaining game with both teams having solid rosters and can put up points. Eric is currently playing well and he looks to continue that against vertically-challenged team even with Nick Lee. I think Buddy will frustrate Charlie and a fight will break out.

Prediction: Flash wins by 8

6pm Court 2: #9 Captain America vs #10 War Machine (Game of the Weak)
Not sure what to say about this game, besides that it’s probably going to be a snoozer. I am looking forward to seeing if War Machine can get their 1st win in the last regular season game though. Carlos and Justin might be a little too much inside for them and I doubt they will be able to contain Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr aka Mr. Get Buckets…but what the hey!

Prediction: War Machine wins their 1st game

7pm Court 1: #7 Thor vs #5 Hulk
Peter is on a hot shooting streak right now, but will that continue if Tony S. decides to play this week? 2 shooters with only 1 ball…not a good ratio and not enough shots to go around. Team Hulk will need to get back to passing and moving the ball around and use their big men down low. Thor will implode and the Urians will continue to jack up shots. It’s going to be a shooting exhibition.

Prediction: Hulk by 19
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