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2016 Winter FBDL Final Power Rankings
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL Final Power Rankings
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2016 Winter FBDL Final Power Rankings

1. Cyclops (8-1): Last week: #1
Definitely not a pretty game by any means, but Team Cyclops showed the grit and determination of a #1 team. Up against one of the top scorers in the league, they were able contain Luis Duque and come out with a tough win against Team Ironman. Paul and Collin continue to keep their bakery open and rack up those turnovers, almost having the same number of points and turnovers (14-11). Brett and Marco stepped up, but Cyclops will need to tighten up as the playoffs begin. They locked up the #1 seed.

Last Game: def. Ironman (47-41) Next Game: vs. TBD

2. Superman (7-2): Last Week: #3
Their win against Team Spiderman saw them return to what’s been routine and expected: Jack Em Joe scoring more than 30 pts, 31 to be exact. Joe returned to his scoring ways and scored more than of the team’s output, which also might have solidified his run for MVP. For some reason, this works for this team as Quang leads this team on the floor and Joe dominates the shot attempts. Superman locked up the #2 seed, but can this strategy continue in the playoffs?

Last Game: def. Spiderman (58-47) Next Game: vs. TBD

3. Ironman (6-3): Last Week #2
Team Ironman finally got stopped in their tracks and their 6 game winning streak snapped. Luis didn’t have his best game, which can’t happen when playing against the #1 team in the league. The team as whole looked ready for Easter as they were all egg hunting for points. 41 pts is their lowest scoring game since week 2. Hopefully this was just a small bump in the road as they go up against Team Batman, which is a very tough 1st round matchup. Remember, their winning streak began when they upset the then-#1 Team Batman…

Last Week: lost to Cyclops (41-47) Next Game: vs. Batman (5-4)

4. Hulk (6-3): Last Week: #5
Haven’t said this much with this team throughout the season, but ball movement seemed to be the key in their win against Team Thor. Not sure it was because the Urians were not there or they changed up their strategy, but the change certainly worked. Romeo, playing role of point guard, found the open players and had a season high 7 asts. Team Hulk also saw some contributions from other players like Daniel Mendez and Joe Rivera. Will this veteran team have enough to go deep in the playoffs?

Last Game: def. Thor (60-45) Next Game: vs. Spiderman (5-4)

5. Spiderman (5-4): Last Week: #4
Spiderman was shorthanded and kept up with Team Superman midway through the 2nd half, but looked as though they just ran out of gas. Without half of the team, Brandon did all he could to keep them in the game with 23 pts but had little to no help. The season has somewhat been disappointing with the inconsistency, but it was mostly due to people not showing up. I wouldn’t bet on this team in the playoffs, only because you never know who’s going to play. They’re going to need everyone in their 1st round matchup against Team Hulk.

Last Game: lost to Superman (47-58) Next Game: vs. Hulk (6-3)

6. Batman (5-4): Last Week: #6
Big win against an underachieving Team Flash, especially being shorthanded and without Captain Charlie. Chris Chen returned to form by scoring 26 pts and grabbing 10 boards after a lackluster performance the week before. If the team played up to their potential, Chris would be probably in the MVP discussion. Their story is very similar to Team Spiderman in terms of people not showing up and having to play shorthanded. A revenge game in the 1st round, so I’m sure Captain Charlie will round up the troops for this one.

Last Game: def. Flash (70-67) Next Game: vs. Ironman (6-3)

7. Captain America (3-6): Last Week: #9
They made this game a lot tougher than what it really needed to be, especially War Machine being shorthanded as well. Justin put his team on his back putting up 21 pts and 14 rebs. No Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. aka Mr. Get Buckets, no problem. Chris Oniki aka the Big O aka Peter Pham Jr. had 20 pts with 6-3pts. The playoff gods are with us because now we will get to see Chris Oniki go up against Peter Pham in a battle of “what kind of?” celebrations when they make a 3-pointer.

Last Week: def. War Machine (53-49) Next Game: vs. Thor

8. Flash (3-6): Last Week: #8
The disappointment continues and frustrations are also brewing. In a game they should have won, they allowed Team Batman to fight back and ultimately win the game. Instead of trying to fight after the game, maybe Eric should have fought a little harder during the game to keep his team up. Known for their rebounding, Team Flash got out-rebounded by a smaller Batman squad. Good news is that they locked up the 7th seed in a play-in game against a winless War Machine team.

Last Game: lost to Batman (67-70) Next Game: vs. War Machine (0-9)

9. Thor (2-7): Last Week: #7
Tough when you don’t have your shooters, Tony S. and Peter, at the game. John Nguyen kept them in it with his 30 pts but not enough against Team Hulk. He was also the only one that got to the free throw line. John has put up some solid numbers this season, but his team overall has been inconsistent with attendance and performance. A nice matchup in their play-in game against Team Captain America, which should be a high-scoring contest.

Last Game: lost to Hulk (45-60) Next Game: vs. Captain America (3-6)

10. War Machine (0-9): Last Week: #10
So close to getting their only win of the regular season, but they couldn’t hold on in a back and forth battle with Captain America. For some reason, I have a feeling they may get their 1st win in the 1st round of the playoffs or that could just be stomach talking.

Last Game: lost to Captain America (49-53) Next Game: vs. Flash (3-6)

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