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2016 Winter FBDL 1st/2nd Round Playoff Predictions
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Subject: 2016 Winter FBDL 1st/2nd Round Playoff Predictions
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2016 Winter FBDL 1st/2nd Round Playoff Predictions

5pm Court 1: #8 Captain America vs #9 Thor (Play-in Game)
Weak defenses from both teams, which means a high-scoring game similar to their regular season matchup. The key will the outside shooting of Team Thor against in the inside-out game of Team Captain America. Justin will man the paint and I don’t see anyone from Team Thor doing anything about it. John Nguyen should be able to score at will against Captain America. The highlight of this game will be the shootout between Tony/Peter vs Joe Roy.

Prediction: Captain America by 9 Regular Season: Captain America def. Thor (80-61)

5pm Court 2: #7 Flash vs #10 War Machine (Play-In Game)
These teams have not played one another since week 1, where Flash blew out War Machine by 30. It’ll be closer in this one as Flash has not shown their dominance or potential in recent weeks. Winless War Machine continues to play hard and hopes to be the Cinderella story of this season’s playoffs. I think Flash will win but it’s going to be a lot tougher than they think.

Prediction: Flash wins by 5 Regular Season: Flash def. War Machine (78-47)

7pm Court 1: #1 Cyclops vs Winner of #7 vs #10
I don’t think it matters who they play out of Flash or War Machine, they should be able to win either way. If Flash confirms my prediction, then they should offer a tougher matchup to Cyclops than would Team War Machine. Flash has the roster to compete against a team like Team Cyclops but maybe not the talent.

Prediction: Cyclops defeats Flash by 8 pts Regular Season: Cyclops def. Flash (73-65)

7pm Court 2: #2 Superman vs Winner of #8 vs #9
Similar to Cyclops, Team Superman should have enough talent to beat either Team Thor or Team Captain America. Jack Em Joe scored 30+ pts on both team, which will happen again against no matter who he plays. Captain America can give them some trouble, especially with Justin Roux and his ability around the basketball but overall Superman should advance.

Prediction: Superman wins by 12 Regular Season: Superman def. Captain America (72-50)

9pm Court 1: #3 Ironman vs #6 Batman
These two teams have gone in opposite since the start of the season, but none of that really matters going into the playoffs. Luis looks to get back to his scoring dominance as he goes up against a team that he had success with earlier in the season. Chris Chen of Batman also had success against Team Ironman when they played in week 3. This should be a very entertaining game, but I’ll have to go with the guy that has proven to get it done in the playoffs before…Luis.

Prediction: Ironman by 7 pts Regular Season: Ironman def. Batman (66-60)

9pm Court 2: #4 Hulk vs #5 Spiderman
Two former teammates and champions will battle it out against each other as Brandon goes up against Romeo. Brandon will have to continue doing it all for this team and hope someone from his team can help carry the load. Last week for Team Hulk, we saw better ball movement on offense and a more efficient game. Can they continue that or will they go back to their old ways? If they retract, then I say Spiderman with the upset.

Prediction: Spiderman wins by 6 pts Regular Season: Hulk def. Ironman (66-53)
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