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2017 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings
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2017 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings:

1. Gummy Bears (2-0): Last Week: #4
Gummy Bears with another dominating win last week following their 48 pt thrashing victory over Snickers. Leading the way for Team Gummy Bears is Sherwin Suaybaguio, the newcomer who’s averaging a league high 31 pts per game. This guy can do it all! I don’t see too many teams keeping up with them as they have the size, scoring and veteran leadership to potentially go all the way.

Last Game: def. Kit Kat (72-48) Next Game: vs. Dum Dums (1-1)

2. Airheads (2-0): Last week: #3
Ol’ these wily FBL vets have teamed up with a couple of young guns and have created a nice balance attack. Don’t let the old ages fool you because Mitch, Romeo, Duane and Carlos are a combined 211 years old lol! All jokes aside, this team can really play. The vets will keep the young ones in line and they should be able to compete for the title if they can stay healthy. The score doesn’t reflect it, but they were cruising against the reigning MVP’s team, Team Skittles.

Last Game: def. Skittles (62-56) Next Game: vs. Snickers (1-1)

3. Starburst (2-0): Last Week: #1
Might be too early to say this, but Team Starburst will be a dangerous team going into the playoffs once they start clicking at all levels. Another newcomer to FBDL, Steven Heo, had a strong season debut with 28 pts, but fizzled off a bit in last week’s victory with only 14 pts. They have a strong group of guards, and Captain Charlie will have to figure out how they’re going to distribute the ball. Steven will look to bounce back with a strong game against Team Butterfinger.

Last Game: def. Dum Dums (52-51) Next Game: vs. Butterfinger (2-0)

4. Butterfinger (2-0): Last Week: #5
Probably the weakest of the remaining undefeated teams at this point, as they’ve only played against two of the bottom teams so far. This will be their first real test as they go up against Team Starburst. They put the gas on in the 2nd half against Team M&M’s on the way to a 20 pt victory. Can Quang turn back the clock with his former MVP stats and lead this team against the better teams? If not, they might end up in the middle of the rankings at best.

Last Game: def. M&M’s (64-44) Next Game: vs. Starburst (2-0)

5. Dum Dums (1-1): Last Week: #2
Tough 1 pt loss to a really good team in Team Starburst last week. Keep in mind, they were without their star player in Paul Sumulong who was probably out playing golf somewhere. It’s tough to gauge this team and how far they are going to go as they do have the size and players to compete, but they can only go as far as Paul takes them. He doesn’t have Collin “The Bakery” Outerbridge to rely on this season, so who’s going to step up? Tough game this week…

Last Game: lost to Starburst (51-52) Next Game: vs. Gummy Bears (2-0)

6. Snickers (1-1): Last Week: #9
One week after getting blown out by 48 pts in week 1, they received nice gifts with the return of Brandon Baroody to the lineup and the addition of Loksundo Kong. They combined for 54 pts in the first win with Lok scoring 32 pts. Those two scored more than the whole team did in week 1 (52-40)! If they want to go to the next level, they’re going to need some consistency from DJ Lee or Ed Porch. Tough matchup against Team Airheads this week. Was Lok’s scoring output a fluke last week or can he keep it going?

Last Game: def. Nerds (68-58) Next Game: vs. Airheads (2-0)

7. Skittles (0-2): Last Week: #8
Jack Em Joe is still living up to his name by averaging 24 pts in his first two games, but he’s going to need some serious help. There’s only one other person on his team that’s averaging more than 7 pts a game, and that’s Richard Movida at 15 ppg. Joe might have to put up Russell Westbrook numbers if this team wants to win. He should put up big numbers against the worst team in the league this week.

Last Game: lost to Airheads (56-62) Next Game: vs. M&M’s (0-2)

8. Kit Kat (0-2): Last Week: #7
Collin “The Bakery” Outerbridge, known for dishing out turnovers, will have to compete against his own teammate, Ben Alilin, to see who’s going to finish with the most turnovers this season. Ben has a one game head start so far. Not sure if Justin Roux will be joining the team this season, which would be a big loss for them. They’re going to have to find some chemistry and learn how to play together. They have some decent pieces, but not the go-to type player which has shown in their 1st two games.

Last Week: lost to Gummy Bears (48-72) Next Game: vs. Nerds (0-2)

9. M&M’s (0-2): Last Week #10
Team M&M’s competed well in the 1st half of last week’s game but then cooled off in the 2nd half. Mhyke Taasan should be having a breakout season, but has underperformed up to this point. Newcomer, Terrence Manning, has given them a spark and Raymond Rodriguez is almost automatic within 15 ft of the basket. Veteran Will Ryley will have to band this team together and need to have a quick turnaround before things turn ugly. Up next: Jack Em Joe…

Last Week: lost to Butterfinger (44-64) Next Game: vs. Skittles (0-2)

10. Nerds (0-2): Last Week: #6
Each year, there’s always that one team that you watch and you’re like “what the heck is going on out here?” Team Nerds is that team this year. Everyone just scrambling around, out of control and shooting up random shots…which is Jason Birkett’s game. They do have some veterans on this team in David Williams, John Hwangbo and Jason along with the Valente’s who has a championship under their belts. One of their best chances to win this season will be this week against Team Nerds.

Last Game: lost to Batman (58-68) Next Game: vs. Kit Kat (0-2)

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