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2017 Winter FBDL Week 4 Rankings
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 4 Rankings
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2017 Winter FBDL Week 4 Rankings:

1. Gummy Bears (3-0): Last Week: #1
Team Dum Dums must have locked Gummy Bear’s best player and the league’s leading scorer, Sherwin Suaybaguio, in the bathroom. He was nowhere to be seen and Team Gummy Bears barely won. They struggled to get score from the outside and had a season low of 2-3pt fgs in the game, both by big man Chris Brunson. Chris had a nice double-double with 12 pts and 17 rebs. We should expect them to be back to form this week against Butterfinger if Sherwin plays.

Last Game: def. Dum Dums (51-47) Next Game: vs. Butterfinger (2-1)

2. Airheads (3-0): Last week: #2
Tough, low-scoring OT victory against Team Snickers. Seems like they were more focused on defense as they held Loksundo Kong, who had 32 pts in week 2, to only 5 pts. Offensively, they struggled to find any rhythm and was only able to make 11 out of 26 fts. They had 26 ft attempts compared to Team Snicker’s 11. Must be nice to have the commissioner on the team lol. Slightly easier coming up this week as they look to break off a piece of Team Kit Kat.

Last Game: def. Snickers (44-40) Next Game: vs. Kit Kat (0-3)

3. Starburst (3-0): Last Week: #3
Team Starburst looked great starting the game and also finishing the game, but not in the middle. Jumped out to a big lead at halftime then went on a drought to start the 2nd half. Luckily for them, they have Steven Heo to carry the load. He had some major help from Damien Babington who had 24 pts. The only thing missing for this team to be legitimate title contender is a capable big man. Should be an easy victory this week…

Last Game: def. Butterfinger (63-47) Next Game: vs. M&M’s (0-3)

4. Butterfinger (2-1): Last Week: #4
They played exactly the opposite of Team Starburst, terrible beginning and end but great play right after halftime. They played with no chemistry or team concept, just a lot of 1 on 1’s and bad shots. They had 7 total assists as a team and 6 of them were by Quang Pham. Either he was hogging the ball and trying to make all of the plays or his team wasn’t helping. They couldn’t the 3-headed guard monsters out in the perimeter. Another tough one against Team Gummy Bears, in which they might get blown out.

Last Game: lost to Starburst (47-63) Next Game: vs. Gummy Bears (3-0)

5. Dum Dums (1-2): Last Week: #5
Another tough loss this week, this time to the #1 team in the league. They had a good chance of winning after locking up Sherwin in the bathroom, yet still couldn’t muster up enough to get past Team Gummy Bears. What killed them were the fouls and turnovers, which you can’t have too many of when you’re playing against one of the top teams. Paul kept them in the game with 4-3’s but he’s going to need help with the size they have on the court.

Last Game: lost to Gummy Bears (47-51) Next Game: vs. Nerds (1-2)

6. Snickers (1-2): Last Week: #6
Well to my answer my question from last week on whether Lok’s 32 pt game the week before was a fluke or not…it was a definite fluke. He was locked down and managed only 5 pts. In a game that went into OT, they only put up a total of 40 pts with one person in double-figures (Brandon Baroody). Along with scoring the bucket, they were struggling with keeping their hands to themselves by committing 20 fouls! Good luck with staying clean this week as they go against Jack Em Joe’s squad. With Brandon probably running around guarding Joe, he’s going to need the rest of his team to put up some points.

Last Game: lost to Airheads (40-44) Next Game: vs. Skittles (1-2)

7. Skittles (1-2): Last Week: #7
Well I asked in last week’s post and I certainly received what I wanted to see from this group. As expected, Jack Em Joe put up Russell Westbrook numbers with 28 pts, 10 rebs and 8 asts. He also got some help from Sergio Revales (28 pts) and Richard Movida (25 pts). It was a 3 man show as they put 82 of the team’s 84 pts…Peter Pham had the other 2 lol. Even though it was 30-pt victory, I’m not moving them up quite yet. Maybe if they beat Team Snickers this week.

Last Game: def. M&M’s (84-54) Next Game: vs. Snickers (1-2)

8. Nerds (1-2): Last Week: #10
Way to pull out in a nail-biter with a 1 pt victory over Team Kit Kat. The Game of the Weak actually provided us with a good game as Wildman Jason Birkett dropped in a reckless 20 pt and 11 rebs game. He had some unexpected help from young Jake Valente who had a smooth 18 pts. They’ll need to have similar games going into this week as they go up against a big, formidable opponent. Not sure how they’ll compete against the size, but one thing’s for sure, Jason’s going to dribble the ball really, really, really hard.

Last Week: def. Kit Kat (69-68) Next Game: vs. Dum Dums (1-2)

9. M&M’s (0-3): Last Week #9
Well we all knew they wouldn’t be able to guard Jack Em Joe, but they let 3 people beat them by 30. The bright side from this loss was the emergence of Pedro Avelo who had 23 pts and 16 rebs in a losing effort. They could have a chance to turn it around if all of their players can show up at the same time. I doubt that’ll happen this week though as they go up against Team Starburst and their 3 guards. They might lose by 30 to a 3 man team again…

Last Week: lost to Skittles (44-84) Next Game: vs. Starburst (3-0)

10. Kit Kat (0-3): Last Week: #8
So close, but not quite. Definitely a tough 1-pt loss, but to a not-so-good team in Team Nerds. John Nguyen did his best effort to win the game by having a 31-pt game but it wasn’t enough. Justin Roux had a lackluster season debut with only 9 pts and 7 rebs. They’re going to be in for a long game this week against a solid Airheads team.

Last Game: lost to Nerds (68-69) Next Game: vs. Airheads (3-0)

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