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2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings:

1. Gummy Bears (4-0): Last Week: #1
They haven’t been blowing teams out the last 2 weeks but Gummy Bears are still showing their dominance, while either shorthanded or not at their best, as they stay undefeated and atop the rankings. Sherwin returned after a one-game absence and continue his scoring onslaught with 26 pts. Their defense frustrated Team Butterfinger into bad shots and turnovers. Their style of play continues to overwhelm the opponents while leading to a lot of easy buckets. Cherry-flavored gummies…hmmm?

Last Game: def. Butterfinger (66-57) Next Game: vs. M&M’s (0-4)

2. Airheads (4-0): Last week: #2
Easy victory against a very short-handed Kit Kat group, led by their two young guns Brandon Urian and JJ Quinain. They accounted for 44 of the team’s 77 pts while Duane Del Rosario added 17 pts. Team Airheads continue to have good success and having different people step up each week. One week, it’s the veterans playing and the next, the young guys. Most times, the young guys are handling the bulk of the scoring while the vets are doing the dirty work. Good balance to me…

Last Game: def. Kit Kat (77-53) Next Game: vs. Dum Dums (2-2)

3. Starburst (4-0): Last Week: #3
Of the 3 remaining undefeated teams left, I would guess that Team Starburst would probably be the 1st to lose. One is because of their inconsistency and two…they still have to play the top half of the league in the 2nd half of the season. Damien Babington coming a 24 pt game last week against Butterfinger only managed 2 pts. Luckily for him, the other 2 heads of the 3-headed monster in Charlie and Steve Heo played well with 42 pts combined. As I mentioned throughout the season so far, this team will only go as far as the 3-headed monster can take them. Jack Em Joe is next…

Last Game: def. M&M’s (57-55) Next Game: vs. Skittles (2-2)

4. Dum Dums (2-2): Last Week: #5
Pretty good showing against Team Nerds by Team Dum Dums, even though Nerds aren’t that good of a team. 5 of the 7 players scored in double figures, led by Steven Rosario with 14 pts and 19 rebs. I guess he read my post last week when I mentioned that Paul needed help from the size they have. This team has the potential to be good, they just need to put it all together because Paul can’t do it by himself. Another tough matchup coming up…upset alert?

Last Game: def. Nerds (58-44) Next Game: vs. Airheads (4-0)

5. Skittles (2-2): Last Week: #7
Team Skittles look like they are figuring out the formula to winning and that’s letting Jack Em Joe be the playmaker. In a high-scoring shootout, Joe messed around and got a triple-double with 22 pts, 11 rebs and 12 asts. I said it earlier in the season, Joe will have to be Russell Westbrook if they want to win. He got a lot of help again from Richard Movida (38 pts) and Sergio Revales (23 pts). Richard has averaged 31 pts in his last two games. Can these 3 out-duel the 3-headed monster of Team Starburst? Should be a good one to watch as this game could also be on upset alert.

Last Game: def. Snickers (93-85) Next Game: vs. Starburst (4-0)

6. Butterfinger (2-2): Last Week: #4
Team Butterfinger is not moving in the right direction with another disappointing loss. Though the difference of 9 pts on the scoreboard doesn’t show it, they were thoroughly outplayed by Gummy Bears. The team looked out of sync and confused. They didn’t hear my point last week, in which I basically said they had no team chemistry. The team had 8 assists (7 total last week) and Quang only had 1 assist. They have a chance to turn it around this week, but if they lose, they will be at a point of no return.

Last Game: lost to Gummy Bears (57-66) Next Game: vs. Nerds (1-3)

7. Snickers (1-3): Last Week: #6
Team Snickers went from scoring only 40 pts the previous week in an OT game to having 85 pts, yet they still lost. Brandon actually had help this week, offensively speaking, with 3 other players scoring in double figures. Now on the defensive side, that’s another story. They gave up 93 pts to Jack Em Joe and crew. So you’re telling me they scored 85 pts with 19 team assists and 0 turnovers, and they still lost?! I wouldn’t be surprised if they only score 40 pts against the worst team in the league this upcoming week.

Last Game: lost to Skittles (93-85) Next Game: vs. Kit Kat (0-4)

8. Nerds (1-3): Last Week: #8
They had a full team this week, yet could manage to score 44 pts. Jason Birkett was the only player to score in double figures. Without a true playmaker or scorer, we’ll probably see this trend for the rest of the season. No offense to Jason because I love his effort and hustle, but if he’s your leading scorer that’s not going to bode well. David Williams and John Hwangbo need to assert themselves a little more as well. Jacob Valente came back to earth after a great game in the previous week. They have a good opportunity for an “upset” against a melted Butterfinger.

Last Week: lost to Dum Dums (44-58) Next Game: vs. Butterfinger (2-2)

9. M&M’s (0-4): Last Week #9
Team M&M’s almost pulled off an upset as they only lost by 2 pts to Team Starburst. An emergence from another new player, James Vo, added some life to the group. James had a solid 16 pts and 19 rebs, but it wasn’t enough. They committed too many turnovers with 22 in the game. Usually coughing the ball up too many times will lead to a loss, but can’t say that’s always the case. Check out Team Snickers who had 0 turnovers and still didn’t win. The turnovers will probably continue this week against Gummy Bears with their swarming defense.

Last Week: lost to Starburst (55-57) Next Game: vs. Gummy Bears (4-0)

10. Kit Kat (0-4): Last Week: #10
No team, no win. Not sure where the whole team was, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have made a difference against Team Airheads. The scoring output came from the subs that had to play since only 2 members of the team showed up. Can someone put out a missing flyer out for team Kit Kat please?

Last Game: lost to Airheads (53-77) Next Game: vs. Snickers (1-3)

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