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2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Predictions
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2017 Winter FBDL Week 5 Predictions

5pm Court 1: #9 M&M’s vs #1 Gummy Bears
I doubt this game will be close as this may be a scrimmage to Team Gummy Bears. Sherwin may score more than the entire M&M’s team in this one.

Prediction: Gummy Bears cruise by 19 pts

5pm Court 2: #6 Butterfinger vs #8 Nerds
Glad that we were able to see this by mid-season, but Team Butterfinger is not that good. In the past 2 weeks, they have been exposed with no chemistry, over-dribbling and screen door defense. If they’re not careful this week, they might lose again. This win for Team Nerds can be a big confidence booster.

Prediction: Nerds wins by 5 pts

6pm Court 1: #4 Dum Dums vs #2 Airheads
By the rankings, this game might be dubbed as game of the week. Because we never know what we see or get from Team Dum Dums week by week, this will either be a good game or a snoozer. Can Team Dum Dums keep the pace with team Airheads and battle on the boards. Dum Dums have the size, but Airheads have the IQ and experience.

Prediction: Airheads by 11 pts

6pm Court 2: #10 Kit Kat vs #7 Snickers
We know Team Snickers will win, but can they mirror the effort from two weekends ago. Although they lost, they put up 85 pts with 0 turnovers. My prediction is that they won’t and they might actually struggle to score. Not that Kit Kat is a defensive juggernaut, just feel like they already used up their perfect game.

Prediction: Snickers win by 7

7pm Court 1: #5 Skittles vs #3 Starburst (Game of the Week)
This might be the most exciting game of the season and it’ll only involve 6 players, 3 from each team. Both teams have a big 3, so which trio will come out on top? Whichever trio that combines for the most points will win this game. The matchup to watch will be Jack Em Joe vs Steven Heo, both MVP candidates.

Prediction: Skittles by 3

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