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2017 Winter FBDL Week 7 Predictions
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 7 Predictions
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2017 Winter FBDL Week 7 Predictions

5pm Court 1: #4 Skittles vs #1 Gummy Bears (Game of the Week)
A disappointing loss last week by Team Skittles has caused this game to lose its flare a bit, but should be a good game to watch. Gummy Bears and their all-around play will more than likely win out along with their size. If Skittles are looking to dethrone #1 squad, Jack Em Joe and his team will need to bring their A game and score a lot of points. Sherwin versus Joe…should be a good matchup.

Prediction: Gummy Bears by 13 pts

5pm Court 2: #5 Starburst vs #6 Nerds
Not sure where Damien has been for Team Starburst, but it seems like they need him in their recent losses. Without him, they are still better on paper than Team Nerds, but Nerds have won 3 straight. I think their streak stops here and Starburst will break their losing streak. Steven Heo might go for 30 in this game…

Prediction: Starburst wins by 8 pts

6pm Court 1: #10 M&M’s vs #2 Airheads
If Team Airheads focus and play to their potential, this should be quick work and easy victory. If they decide to take the day off, they might struggle as they did in their loss to Team Dum Dums. I don’t see that happening and Team Airheads lock up an easy win.

Prediction: Airheads by 17 pts

6pm Court 2: #7 Snickers vs #9 Butterfinger
2 former teammates on 2 separate underperforming teams go at it, as this might be the matchup of Quang versus Brandon. Which floor general will control their squad and lead them to a victory? Both teams are unpredictable, but I might give the edge to Team Snickers because they have a better overall team and we know Team Butterfinger forget to play in the 2nd half.

Prediction: Snickers win by 11

7pm Court 1: #3 Dum Dums vs #8 Kit Kat
The surprising Dum Dums are on the rise as of late and this is without their star Paul Sumulong. Somehow without a true point guard the last couple of weeks, they have managed to distribute the ball and win games. Key for Team Kit Kat will be their 3 J’s, Justin, Jonathan and John. Will they show up, come to play and go away with an upset?

Prediction: Dum Dums squeak by 4

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