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2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings
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2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings:

1. Gummy Bears (7-0): Last Week: #1
Probably their toughest win so far this season, which makes it 7-straight. They kept Jack Em Joe in check for the most part, but they certainly needed all of their points to pull away with the victory. Chris Brunson had another big game with 25 pts and I think it’s supposed to be 21 rebs. He’s starting to move up in the MVP discussions. Should be an easy matchup this week against Team Nerds, which leads into the finale with Team Airheads.

Last Game: def. Skittles (91-80) Next Game: vs. Nerds (3-4)

2. Airheads (6-1): Last week: #2
Team Airheads used their size and experience to pick up an easy win against the winless M&M’s. Led by the Urian father-son combo, Brandon and Mitch scored a total of 31 pts. Brandon has been playing well as of late and the team is responding after a poor loss against Dum Dums a couple weeks back. Big game coming up this weekend against the Heo’s.

Last Game: def. M&M’s (64-41) Next Game: vs. Starburst (5-2)

3. Starburst (5-2): Last Week: #5
Team Starburst picked a cheap victory last weekend against Team Nerds, although they were missing the majority of their players. They were without their Big 3: Charlie, Steven and Damien and was subbed in with the Urian’s. They better hope to have their whole team, especially their Big 3, if they plan on beating Team Airheads this week.

Last Game: def. Nerds (58-55) Next Game: vs. Airheads (6-1)

4. Skittles (3-4): Last Week: #4
As much as I want to move them down for losing the past 2 weeks, I’ll give them credit for actually competing, and at one point leading, against Team Gummy Bears. Jack Em Joe has been struggling these past 2 weeks as he hasn’t scored over 20 pts like he did in his 1st 4 games. Are we starting to see the length of the season wearing down last year’s MVP? He might not repeat, if he continues these poor performances.

Last Game: lost to Gummy Bears (80-91) Next Game: vs. Dum Dums (4-3)

5. Dum Dums (4-3): Last Week: #3
28 pts in 40 minutes of game play…wow. Not sure if the return of Paul messed up their chemistry, but he had 7 turnovers and only 2 pts. Only one person scored more than 6 pts and that was Marco Lopez with 10 pts and 13 rebs. 28 pts is not going to do it this week against Jack Em Joe and crew.

Last Game: lost to Kit Kat (28-42) Next Game: vs. Skittles (3-4)

6. Kit Kat (2-5): Last Week: #8
Team Kit Kat picked up another solid win last weekend against Team Dum Dums. Their defense held them to 28 pts and caused 17 turnovers. Two of the three J’s were present and put up some good numbers. Jonathan had 17 pts and 7 stls while Justin had 16 pts and 7 rebs. After starting 0-5, they have now wrapped up to victories and looking to add another against an inconsistent Butterfinger.

Last Game: def. Dum Dums (42-28) Next Game: vs. Butterfinger (3-4)

7. Nerds (3-4): Last Week: #6
Here was a good chance for Team Nerds to come away with a default victory, since Team Starburst were missing their 3 star players, but they gave the game away. Solid scoring numbers from John Hwangbo and David Williams with 19 and 22 respectively. They could have had some good momentum going into this week against undefeated Gummy Bears.

Last Game: lost to Starburst (55-58) Next Game: vs. Gummy Bears (7-0)

8. Butterfinger (3-4): Last Week: #9
Talk about a thrilling victory to break a 4-game losing streak. If it wasn’t for the late game heroics by Quang to get the steal and make the layup at the buzzer, they should have been on a 5-game losing streak. We saw a lot of the same mistakes and lack of awareness that have affected them all season. While they made some key baskets towards the end, they continue to play inconsistent defense. They going up against a surprisingly hot team right now this week and should be careful.

Last Week: def Snickers (64-62) Next Game: vs. Kit Kat (2-5)

9. Snickers (3-4): Last Week #7
Tough lost at the buzzer this past weekend, which was a waste for Brandon’s terrific game. Brandon poured in 35 pts but had little to no help from the rest of his team. No one else on his team had more than 8 pts. We all know this team will go as far as Brandon goes, but he needs some consistent scoring and defense form the rest of the group. They should win this next one, since all they have to do is show up.

Last Week: lost to Butterfinger (62-64) Next Game: vs. M&M’s (0-7)

10. M&M’s (0-7): Last Week: #10
Team M&M’s is simply not putting up enough points. One person scoring in double-digits is hard to win in any league, ask Brandon from Team Snickers who had 35 pts and lost. They continue to turn the ball over at a high volume which adds to not scoring points because they don’t get a chance to shoot the ball. Two games left to win at least one game, and one of those games is against the guy who just scored 35 pts.

Last Game: lost to Nerds (41-64) Next Game: vs. Snickers (3-4)

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