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2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Predictions
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
2017 Winter FBDL Week 8 Predictions

5pm Court 1: #7 Nerds vs #1 Gummy Bears
This will be a scrimmage and tune-up game for Team Gummy Bears as they look ahead to their season finale game against Team Airheads. Team Nerds do not have the personnel to keep up with the Brunson brothers nor with Buddy and Sherwin.

Prediction: Gummy Bears by 18 pts

5pm Court 2: #5 Dum Dums vs #4 Skittles
These two teams were on the upside just a couple of weeks ago with some big wins and win streaks. In the past two weeks though, they have lost some head-scratching games and now come into this one with losing streaks. I don’t see Jack Em Joe struggling too much longer and Team Dum Dums has many holes in their defense.

Prediction: Skittles defeat Dum Dums by 10

6pm Court 1: #6 Kit Kat vs #8 Butterfinger
Team Kit Kat has turned it around, winning their last two games after starting 0-5. Can Jonathan, Justin and/or John keep the chemistry and momentum going as they go up against an inconsistent Butterfinger, who snuck out a win at the buzzer last week?

Prediction: Kit Kat win by 7 pts

6pm Court 2: #9 Snickers vs #10 M&M’s
Inconsistency can also be used for Team Snickers, while M&M’s is consistently bad as they are still winless. Brandon Baroody is coming off a 35 pt performance and has the opportunity to do the same against a bad team with no defense. Can his teammates step up and help to get a win?

Prediction: Snickers win by 11

7pm Court 1: #2 Airheads vs #3 Starburst (Game of the Week)
If the 3-headed monster of Team Starburst show up and play, this should be a real treat to watch as they face a strong Airhead group. Brandon Urian has played very well as of late and hopes to keep his hot shooting streak going, but will Steven Heo have anything to say about that? It’s going to be a tough, grind it out type of game.

Prediction: Airheads in a close one by 5

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