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2017 Winter FBDL Week 9 Rankings
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 9 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Gummy Bears (8-0): Last Week: #1
Well not surprised they blew out Team Nerds by 36 pts. Just a warmup game for their game this week against Team Airhead, which should be the matchup this week. Chris Brunson has certainly stepped into the MVP conversation after posting another big double-double, 20 pts and 19 rebs along with 8 asts. His partner in crime, Sherwin, added 27 pts. Can they and will they stay undefeated going into the playoffs?

Last Game: def. Nerds (95-59) Next Game: vs. Airheads (7-1)

2. Airheads (7-1): Last week: #2
No Heo’s, no problem for Team Airheads to put away Team Starburst. It probably would have more a little competitive if the Heo’s were present, but good teams take advantage of these type of situations. 3 players scored 14 pts each with Carlos Keeling a solid 17 rebs to his stat sheet. Next up: #1 Gummy Bears. They certainly have the size to contend but will have enough scoring to keep up?

Last Game: def. Starburst (57-42) Next Game: vs. Airheads (7-1)

3. Skittles (4-4): Last Week: #4
As I predicted, Jack Em Joe’s recent struggles were not going to last against Team Dum Dum’s defense. He poured in 41 pts, which was more than what he had the last 2 weeks combined. He had some help from Sergio Revales who added 22 pts. Team Skittles were hitting 3’s left and right. Don’t be surprised if Jack Em Joe to drop at least 30 in the next game.

Last Game: def. Dum Dums (86-71) Next Game: vs. Nerds (3-5)

4. Starburst (5-3): Last Week: #3
Not sure what’s going on with this team, but they are struggling at the wrong time in the season. A lot of the struggles is due to lack of people showing up, especially from their big 3 – Steven, Charlie and Damien. They probably account for 75% of the team’s production offensively. Former scorer’s table coordinator, Bryan Bajamunde, tried to compensate by adding 17 pts but was not enough. Can someone send a search party to find their players please?

Last Game: lost to Airheads (42-57) Next Game: vs. Snickers (4-4)

5. Kit Kat (3-5): Last Week: #6
Teams will need to take notice of this team as we creep closer to the playoffs. They are beginning their rhythm and building really good chemistry, especially between John Nguyen, Justin Roux and Jonathan Gonzales. The 3 J’s combined 41 pts and were the only ones to score in double figures. Are we seeing a new big 3 take form? They should finish the regular season on a 4-game win streak as they go up against winless M&M’s.

Last Game: def. Butterfinger (58-55) Next Game: vs. M&M’s (0-8)

6. Dum Dums (4-4): Last Week: #5
Well at least they scored more than 28 pts, in fact, they more than doubled their output from last week. The only problem is that they were playing Jack Em Joe and crew that was bound to get back on track. Good showing from the Joel Twins, each scoring 18 pts. Again, certainly a better showing this time around but too bad it wasn’t enough. They should pick up a win to finish off the regular season against Butterfinger.

Last Game: def. Dum Dums (42-28) Next Game: vs. Butterfinger (3-5)

7. Snickers (4-4): Last Week: #9
A win here and then a lost there, if only they can stay consistent. Easy victory for them last week as they defeated the lowly M&M’s. MVP Candidate, Brandon Baroody, stuffed the stat sheet once again with 16 pts, 7 rebs, 6 asts and 4 stls. Good shooting from DJ Lee, who added 21 pts. Can they pick up a quality win against a Starburst team that’s been recently beaten up? They have a good chance if Steven, Charlie and Damien don’t show.

Last Game: def. M&M’s (59-41) Next Game: vs. Starburst (5-3)

8. Nerds (4-4): Last Week: #7
They never really had a chance against the undefeated Gummy Bears in this one. Team Nerds do not have the size or the overall personnel to keep up with a team like that. They got dominated at all facets of the game and almost gave up 100 pts. Jason had 17 and David Williams added 15 pts. Tough schedule to end the regular season as they finish against Jack Em Joe.

Last Week: lost to Gummy Bears (59-95) Next Game: vs. Skittles (4-4)

9. Butterfinger (4-4): Last Week #8
Close games in back to back weekends, but different result last weekend as they go down to a streaking Team Kit Kat. Big scoring output by Devon Fidler, who had 21 pts and added 5 asts. His father contributed with a double-double of 10 pts and 12 rebs, but all was not enough to take down the 3 J’s. After being the hero the week before with the game winner, Quang went to zero last week.

Last Week: lost to Kit Kat (55-58) Next Game: vs. Dum Dums (4-4)

10. M&M’s (0-8): Last Week: #10
Every year there’s always one team I feel bad for and this year it’s M&M’s. They play hard, they give effort each week, but it’s just not enough. No true superstar or at least someone that can dominate when needed. Last chance to pull off an upset and not go winless.

Last Game: lost to Snickers (41-59) Next Game: vs. Kit Kat (3-6)

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