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2017 Winter FBDL Week 9 Predictions
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Subject: 2017 Winter FBDL Week 9 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
5pm Court 1: #10 M&M’s vs #5 Kit Kat
If I was M&M’s, I’d do whatever it takes to win this game so I’m not winless. Kit Kat was once a winless team until they went a current 3-game win streak, so there’s hope for M&M’s. I’m just hyping M&M up, they don’t have a chance if the 3 J’s are all there.

Prediction: Kit Kat wins by 14 pts

5pm Court 2: #9 Butterfinger vs #6 Dum Dums
I predict this to be a low-scoring, high turnover battle. Neither team can be defined as consistent lately and they both will stumble into the playoffs. Dum Dums play better without Paul Sumulong and Butterfinger aren’t good no matter who they have on the court. Dum Dums have the size advantage in this one though.

Prediction: Dum Dums by 8

6pm Court 1: #3 Skittles vs #8 Nerds
Jack Em Joe looks like he’s back to form as he scored 41 last week and that spells trouble for Team Nerds. They don’t have anyone to matchup with Joe. While they focus on Joe, either Sergio or Richard will probably go off from the 3-pt line. I predict Joe will score 35 in this one.

Prediction: Skittles win by 17 pts

6pm Court 2: #1 Gummy Bears vs #2 Airheads (Game of the Week)
Game of the season right here with some meaning to it for playoff seeding. Airheads can steal the #1 overall seed going into the playoffs if they can pull off this upset. Gummy Bears were riding the coat tails of Sherwin early in the season, but Chris Brunson has quietly scored at least 20 pts in his last 3 games. Gummy Bears have the stars while Airheads have the vets. Who will prevail?

Prediction: Gummy Bears squeak by 5 pts

7pm Court 1: #4 Starburst vs #7 Snickers
Luckily for Starburst, the teams around them have been losing as well so they haven’t dropped too much in the rankings. Without the Heo’s and Damien, they are confused and not sure how to generate some offense. For Snickers, this win could boost their confidence going into the playoffs. Brandon vs Steven matchup should be fun to watch, that’s if Steven shows.

Prediction: Starburst wins a close one by 4

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