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2018 Winter FBDL Week 1 Intro & Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 1 Intro & Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
Ladies and Gents, week 1 is in the books but not online?so be sure to register online to ensure stats are posted online for everyone to see! There was an email from this week with a link to do so. Don?t be that guy that messes it up for the whole class!

Since everyone wants to act spoiled and snobby all the time when it comes to stats, schedules, teams, refs, etc?figured Disney Princesses would be appropriate for this season?s theme.

Power rankings and predictions will be posted on the forum page of the FBL Orlando site each week, so please be sure to check that out! I didn?t get a chance to post last week before week 1 because I was enjoying Valentine?s day with my Tinder app. Predictions after week 1 will be a little more detailed as we get a better sense of the players and teams. Enjoy!!

After Week 1 Rankings:
1. Tiana
Last Game: def. Snow White (93-50) Next Game: Aurora (1-0)

2. Cinderella
Last Game: def. Belle (73-51) Next Game: Elsa (0-1)

3. Jasmine
Last Game: def. Elsa (70-57) Next Game: Mulan (1-0)

4. Aurora
Last Game: def. Ariel (70-43) Next Game: Tiana (1-0)

5. Mulan
Last Game: def. Rapunzel (57-55) Next Game: Jasmine (1-0)

6. Rapunzel
Last Game: lost to Mulan (55-57) Next Game: Snow White (0-1)

7. Elsa
Last Game: lost to Jasmine (57-70) Next Game: Cinderella (1-0)

8. Belle
Last Game: lost to Cinderella (51-73) Next Game: Ariel (0-1)

9. Ariel
Last Game: lost to Aurora (43-70) Next Game: Belle (0-1)

10. Snow White
Last Game: lost to Tiana (93-50) Next Game: Rapunzel (0-1)

Early MVP Candidates:
1. Richard Movida (Tiana)
2. Riggo Hernandez (Cinderella)
3. Tony Sphabmixay (Jasmine)
4. Brandon Urian (Tiana)
5. Chip Hoch (Elsa)
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