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2018 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 3 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Cinderella (2-0): Last Week: #2
With Tiana surprisingly losing, Cinderella steps into the #1 spot. Took care of business last week against an underwhelming Elsa group. Cinderella should have blown this team out but struggled with their own shots. This team has the size to be dominant, but will rely heavily on Riggo and Justin if they want to win the title.

Last Game: def. Elsa (48-39) Next Game: vs. Mulan (1-1)

2. Aurora (2-0): Last week: #4
Big, big win against Tiana last week. Aurora held Tiana to half the points they scored from the 1st week. As I said last week, this team may be new to FBDL but they?ve competed before in a different league. Al Ranrooh put in another consistent game with 18 pts. If he continues playing like this and his team continues to win, don?t be surprised if you see is name on the MVP ballot at the end of the season.

Last Game: def. Tiana (55-46) Next Game: vs. Belle (0-2)

3. Jasmine (2-0): Last Week: #3
I like this team, but not ready to put them up above #3 yet. Another strong scoring output from MVP candidate, Tony Sphabmixay, following up his 34 pt performance with a 25 pt on last week. He also got some help from newcomer Chris Skees, who also scored 25 pts. The reason I?m not ready to rank them higher, their lack of big men scoring. They have talent but will need to help their guards as the season progresses.

Last Game: def. Mulan (67-53) Next Game: vs. Snow White (0-2)

4. Tiana (1-1): Last Week: #1
Live by die by is the motto this team has tattooed on their bodies?if their parents let them. 1st week, they poured in 93 pts and then not sure what happened, but they only scored 46 pts in week 2. If they can?t make 3s, then they will struggle. MVP candidate Richard Movida scored 29 pts in week 1, but went ghost for only 6 last week. He?ll need to pick it up and stay consistent along with the rest of his Ball Brothers.

Last Game: lost to Aurora (46-55) Next Game: vs. Rapunzel (1-1)

5. Mulan (1-1): Last Week: #5
My favorite player is back! Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. picked up where he left off the past couple of seasons with 27 pts, but it wasn?t enough to compete against Jasmine. He?ll need to integrate himself with the rest of the team and get them involved. We all know he can score, but can he do anything else?

Last Game: lost to Jasmine (53-67) Next Game: vs. Cinderella (2-0)

6. Rapunzel (1-1): Last Week: #9
Rapunzel was missing half of their team, but thanks to some help, they were able to pull out a close win against a poorest Snow White squad. This team overall isn?t that good they benefited from this win to keep this high in the rankings. They don?t have anyone that will take over or lead the scoring, so they?ll struggle most of the season.

Last Game: def. Snow White (55-49) Next Game: vs. Tiana (1-1)

7. Ariel (1-1): Last Week: #8
Ariel will probably not stay too low in the rankings for too long, especially if their vets continue to play the way they did last week. Stephen Padilla, a PBL and FBL vet, dropped a double-double with 29 pts and 10 rebs. Known for his shooting prowess, he splashed in 8 3s. He and Buddy will need to carry this team in every aspect, but will need some help along the way.

Last Game: def. Belle (70-61) Next Game: vs. Elsa (0-2)

8. Belle (0-2): Last Week: #8
Very disappointing outcome last week for team Belle. Up for most of the game, but they were unable to put away Ariel in the last few minutes. Newcomer, Rason Williams, added 10 rebs to his 26 pts but wasn?t enough to lead his team to a victory. He?ll need Chris Brunson to pick it up and be a little more aggressive on the offensive end. Tough game coming up against Aurora for them to right the ship.

Last Week: lost to Ariel (61-70) Next Game: vs. Aurora (2-0)

9. Elsa (0-2): Last Week #7
The MVP title is quickly slipping away from White Chocolate Chip Hoch as his team continues to struggle. They had a good chance to upset a very good team, but failed to step up in the moment. Alex Mitchell gave him a lot of help, but clearly wasn?t enough with a 16 pt and 25 reb performance?Andre Drummond-like numbers. White Chocolate Chip better hope the rest of his recruits play to their potential.

Last Week: lost to Cinderella (39-48) Next Game: vs. Ariel (1-1)

10. Snow White (0-2): Last Week: #10
Snow White really missed Brandon Baroody as his play would have helped solidify their first victory, which was denied by team Rapunzel. His partner in crime, Quang Pham, almost had a triple double and somehow led the team in rebs. They can?t seem to find a consistent scorer and overall they?re not that good.

Last Game: lost to Rapunzel (49-55) Next Game: vs. Jasmine (2-0)

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