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2018 Winter FBDL Week 4 Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 4 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Aurora (3-0): Last Week: #2
Another week, another new #1. Aurora easily put away Belle in a snoozer. I think this team is starting to figure things out as the trust and confidence are building each week. Last week, we saw more of a balance of scoring as the majority of the team scored more than 5+ pts each. Good scoring, defense and athleticism...keys for a championship.

Last Game: def. Belle (60-38) Next Game: vs. Rapunzel (1-2)

2. Mulan (2-1): Last week: #5
Mulan took advantage of Cinderella, who was without Justin Roux, and pulled off a nice win. 4 players scored in double figures, led by newcomer C.J. Steen wit 14 pts and 13 rebs. Goes to show that Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. doesn?t need to shoot the ball every time he touches it. Mulan should build off on last week?s win and continue the good team play.

Last Game: def. Cinderella (65-56) Next Game: vs. Ariel (1-2)

3. Tiana (2-1): Last Week: #4
Tighter game than expected, but a win is a win. No GabeZo no problem as J.J. Quinain has asserted himself quite nicely into the lineup, which also means less touches between the Ball Brothers. He has more FT attempts than points scored by LaMovida, 17-16. 17 FT attempts? His dad must be reffing his game and how didn?t the entire Rapunzel team foul out?

Last Game: def. Rapunzel (63-55) Next Game: vs. Jasmine (2-1)

4. Cinderella (2-1): Last Week: #1
Tough loss without one of their stars in Justin Roux. Riggo had a very solid game with 18 pts and 8 asts, but it wasn?t enough as Mulan dominated the paint without Justin manning the middle. Cinderella shouldn?t be too concerned with the loss, but it?s a sign that they need both Riggo and Justin on the court to win.

Last Game: lost to Mulan (56-65) Next Game: vs. Snow White (1-2)

5. Jasmine (2-1): Last Week: #3
Well their two leaders in scoring for the season led the team in scoring again, but it wasn?t enough. The game was out of reach as they were down by 20+ pts after halftime. Albert Bullington has the skills and athleticism but he?s not producing like they need him too, especially for someone the ball a lot. This team needs someone to take charge and be the point guard because they have a shooter in Tony and a slasher in Chris.

Last Game: lost to Snow White (48-61) Next Game: vs. Tiana (2-1)

6. Rapunzel (1-2): Last Week: #6
Not shocked that they lost, but surprised of how close they kept the game and stayed in it. As I said last week, they don?t have that go-to scorer. They will need to be efficient with team basketball and move the ball. For them to do that, they have to limit their turnovers and be able to create opportunities on the defensive end.

Last Game: lost to Tiana (63-55) Next Game: vs. Aurora (3-0)

7. Elsa (1-2): Last Week: #9
White Chocolate Chip and crew finally got their 1st win of the season and it came with a very strong performance from Alex Mitchell. I?ll need someone to check me on this, but I think he recorded the 1st 20-20 game in FBDL history with 24 pts and 21 rebs. For the season, he?s averaging a double-double of 18 pts and 21 rebs. White Chocolate Chip got his White Macadamia Mitchell.

Last Game: def. Ariel (62-60) Next Game: vs. Belle (0-3)

8. Snow White (1-2): Last Week: #10
Very impressive win against a then top-3 team last week. They were dialed in on defense holding team Jasmine to less than 50 total points. Prior to last week, their defense was horrible. 3 players scored in double figures led by Brandon Baroody with 17 pts. They have a chance to pull another upset this week against a top-5 team.

Last Week: def. Jasmine (61-48) Next Game: vs. Cinderella (1-2)

9. Ariel (1-2): Last Week #7
The inconsistency of this team is driving me nuts. This team of PBL-FBL vets should be schooling these young teams out here, but they look good one game and play horribly the next. Surprisingly one of the younger Padilla?s had a good game with 21 pts all of them from 3-pointers. Where?s yo daddy?

Last Week: lost to Elsa (60-62) Next Game: vs. Mulan (2-1)

10. Belle (0-3): Last Week: #8
There are 40 minutes in a game and they scored only 38 pts?can?t win a game like that. You also can?t win a game with a total of 2 assists as a team. The only bright side was Chris Brunson who had a solid double-double, but he?ll need some help from Rason, who disappeared last week after having two strong performances in the first two games.

Last Game: lost to Aurora (38-60) Next Game: vs. Elsa (1-2)

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