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2018 Winter FBDL Week 4 Predictions
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 4 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
5pm Court 1: #8 Snow White vs #4 Cinderella
This should be a rebound game for Cinderella as Snow White can?t be trusted yet, although they had an impressive win last week against Jasmine. Justin Roux should be back and should be able to dominate against a very weak interior, while Riggo runs the show. Snow White will need to play like they did last week if they want to pull off another upset.

Prediction: Cinderella wins by 8 pts

5pm Court 2: #2 Mulan vs #9 Ariel
Mulan should follow the same recipe that Elsa had from last week and just pound it in the middle. The combo of James Harden Jr with the outside shooting and C.J. Steen strong in the middle, they should be able control the game. However, the vets from PBL will have some tricks up their sleeves and could pull off the upset.

Prediction: Mulan squeaks by with a 3 pt victory

6pm Court 1: #10 Belle vs #7 Elsa
I?m getting close to giving up on team Belle, but I have a feeling they may get their 1st victory today. They will have to control the paint against White Macadamia Mitchell, who is a beast in the middle. He?s averaging 21 rebs a game, which Chris Brunson should be doing. Chris vs White Macadamia, Rason vs White Chocolate Chip?who wants it?

Prediction: Belle defeats Elsa by 5

6pm Court 2: #1 Aurora vs #6 Rapunzel
Not too hard of a prediction here. Rapunzel can?t score consistently and they?re not athletic enough to keep up with Aurora. Al Ranrooh had a quiet game last week, but that won?t be the case this week. He should have a field day against Rapunzel.

Prediction: Aurora wins by 22

7pm Court 1: #3 Tiana vs #5 Jasmine
Should be a fast paced game, probably more so for team Tiana. The Ball Brothers plus J.J. should pull away, especially if he gets to the FT line 20 times. Someone please check to make sure his dad isn?t reffing the game. Chris Skees and Tony will need to have big games with some help from Albert.

Prediction: Tiana wins easily by 19
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