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2018 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 5 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Mulan (3-1): Last Week: #2
Solid team victory against the vets from PBL. 4 players scored in double figures and as a team they made 13 3-pointers. Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. got back to his old ways scoring 25 pts with 6 3?s. The winning momentum should continue this week against Belle, who just recorded their first victory last week.

Last Game: def. Ariel (85-70) Next Game: vs. Belle (1-3)

2. Tiana (3-1): Last week: #3
The Ball Brothers plus 1 took advantage of a short-handed Jasmine, who was missing their two leading scorers. LaMovida led the way for his team scoring 20 pts while LiUrian added 10. GabeZo only provided 2 pts in his first game back after missing last week. J.J. will look for his dad to be back in the zebra stripes this week as he only to the FT line twice last week compared to 17 attempts the week before.

Last Game: def. Jasmine (68-55) Next Game: vs. Cinderella (3-1)

3. Cinderella (3-1): Last Week: #4
With Justin Roux back in the lineup, they picked up their 3rd victory of the season. Like I said earlier in the season, if Riggo and Justin are playing together they should be fine. Justin had a solid double-double with 24 pts and 10 rebs. Riggo added 14 pts and Michael Fidler contributed with 17 rebs. Big game this week against Tiana.

Last Game: def. Snow White (54-50) Next Game: vs. Tiana (3-1)

4. Aurora (2-1): Last Week: #1
Al Ranrooh might be the next person on the milk carton because he?s gone missing. His scoring numbers have gone down each game with his most recent output of 4 pts. If the trend continues, he?s going to score 0 this week. Only Paolo Gonzales scored in double-figures with 10 pts, but he look so disinterested out there. They better be careful this week against Elsa, who could potentially pull off the upset.

Last Game: lost to Rapunzel (48-50) Next Game: vs. Elsa (1-3)

5. Rapunzel (2-2): Last Week: #6
Commissioner Romeo and his 2 pts lifted team Rapunzel with an upset victory over Aurora. They were missing a couple of players, but still managed to have 3 players score 10+ pts led hall of famer Mitch Urian. This team plays sloppy, but somehow they have a 2-2 record. Should be an interesting game to watch against Jasmine as they battle for the 5 and 6 seeds.

Last Game: def. Aurora (50-48) Next Game: vs. Jasmine (2-2)

6. Jasmine (2-2): Last Week: #5
Without their two leading scorers, Tony Sphibmixay and Chirs Skees, and their bigs, Nick Brunson and Albert Bullington, they clearly struggled. Terrence Manning and Jacob Valente put in a good effort with 17 and 14 pts, but they couldn?t keep up with the young guys. They?re on a 2-game losing streak and will look to end that streak this week.

Last Game: lost to Tiana (55-68) Next Game: vs. Rapunzel (2-2)

7. Elsa (1-3): Last Week: #7
Can we give the MVP award to someone on a losing team? White Macadamia Mitchell is my new favorite player and I?ll already got his poster in my room. This guy scored 30 pts and added 16 pts, his 4th straight game with a double-double. His partner in crime, White Chocolate Chip, didn?t do much to help as he only scored 5 pts. They need a big game from him if they plan on beating Aurora.

Last Game: lost to Belle (64-69) Next Game: vs. Aurora (3-1)

8. Snow White (1-3): Last Week: #8
Snow White kept it close for the majority of the game and even had a chance to win. Considering they were playing a team with only 5 people, they couldn?t handle Justin in the paint. Solid game from Ed Porch with 17 pts and Brandon Baroody with 14 pts, but they need their role players to step up and score more. Either that or Brandon and Quang will need to score 20 a game to win.

Last Week: lost to Cinderella (50-54) Next Game: vs. Ariel (1-3)

9. Belle (1-2): Last Week #10
No more winless teams and we can thank Belle for winning their first game of the season. Glad to see Chris Brunson having a decent game, but the story here is about Rason Williams. Rason had a very nice double-double with 28 pts and 10 rebs. He carved up the defense and left them frozen?get it? Elsa? Anyways, can he do it again and help pull off an upset this week?

Last Week: def. Elsa (69-64) Next Game: vs. Mulan (3-1)

10. Ariel (1-3): Last Week: #9
31 pts from Stephen ?Daddy? Padilla wasn?t enough against Mulan. He was going shot for shot against Joe Roy of Mulan, but while he won the scoring battle his team lost the game. 70 pts would usually win a game in this league but not when you give up 85. They?ll need to tighten up their D and will get a chance to do that against Snow White.

Last Game: lost to Aurora (70-85) Next Game: vs. Snow White (1-3)

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