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2018 Winter FBDL Week 6 Predictions
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 6 Predictions
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
5pm Court 1: #7 Jasmine vs #2 Aurora
Aurora essentially got a bye week last week as they won by forfeit. Hopefully that gave Al Ranrooh extra time to get his game back. He?ll need it to go against streaky scorer Tony Sphabmixay and do-it-all guard Chris Skees. Paulo Gonzalez should take advantage of a weak interior against Nick Brunson.

Prediction: Aurora wins by 9 pts

5pm Court 2: #5 Rapunzel vs #1 Cinderella
Rapunzel has had a lot of help from subs due to the fact that their players don?t show up. They should use that strategy against Cinderella, who?s playing well right now behind Justin Roux. No matter who?s in the paint for Rapunzel, Justin should dominate and Riggo should be able to score against David Williams.

Prediction: Cinderella easily defeats Rapunzel by 14 pts

6pm Court 1: #10 Ariel vs #4 Tiana
This is a classic case of young vs old as the Ball Brothers go against Tiyo Drew and crew. Stephen ?Daddy? Padilla will get his points regardless of who?s guarding but can anyone else help him, particularly Buddy with some scoring. Where are the Ball Brothers and little J.J. and can they outrun this old team?

Prediction: Tiana wins by 6

6pm Court 2: #6 Snow White vs #8 Belle
This should be an interesting match-up between 2-4 players in this game. Can Brandon or Quang matchup to the skillful Rason Williams and can Ed Porch defend Chris Brunson on the court? If both teams play the way they did last week, it should be an entertaining game. If they play how they played earlier in the season, then both teams will score less than 35 pts?each.

Prediction: Snow White in a close one by 4

7pm Court 1: #3 Mulan vs #9 Elsa
The whole Elsa team was on a milk carton last week as they didn?t show up and forfeited against Aurora. Mulan looks to rebound, literally, after an upset loss to Belle last week. They certainly need to rebound because they?re going up against the rebounding machine of White Macadamia Mitchell. But how will Elsa defend Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr.?

Prediction: Mulan edges by 3
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