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2018 Winter FBDL Week 7 Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 7 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Cinderella (5-1): Last Week: #1
Justin Roux missed out on a 3rd straight double-double game with one rebound short on 18 pt-9 reb game. Riggo added 18 pts as well and Cinderella barely scraped out a victory. 2 total assists as a team is never how you want to win a game, so that should be fixed as playoffs are right around the corner.

Last Game: def. Rapunzel (53-52) Next Game: vs. Jasmine (2-4)

2. Aurora (5-1): Last week: #2
Aurora had a break two week as they won by forfeit. They showed some rustiness the majority of this game but found a way to break away and win big. My dude Al Ranrooh came back to life scoring 22 pts. This team, if they stay consistent, will be a problem for a lot of teams in the playoffs. They?re athletic, big and have scoring inside and out.

Last Game: def. Jasmine (73-49) Next Game: vs. Mulan (4-2)

3. Mulan (4-2): Last Week: #3
How many teams does Buddy play for? Do we need to put an asterisk for this game considering he scored 23 pts? I will give credit to Jo Libutan, who definitely put it up in the scoring column with 28 pts. C.J. Steen outrebounded White Macadamia Mitchell 18-10 and added 16 pts. Another big test for them this week, which they will definitely need Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr. to show up.

Last Game: def. Elsa (75-73) Next Game: vs. Aurora (5-1)

4. Tiana (4-2): Last Week: #4
The Ball Brothers haven?t been spectacular since week 1, but they have found ways to win and has found some help from the rest of the team. Josiah Sarasty, oldest son of FBL legend Andy Sarasty, scored 20 pts and grabbed 8 rebs. Josh Cabarrubias added 16 pts as the young guns pulled away from the PBL vets. With all of this extra help on the side, watch out for this team going into the playoffs.

Last Game: def. Ariel (59-71) Next Game: vs. Belle (2-4)

5. Rapunzel (3-3): Last Week: #5
I got to give this team some credit last week for keeping up with the #1 team and only losing by 1. The scoring distribution was well-rounded and they did a good job of team rebounding against Justin Roux. As I said earlier in the season, they have enough to compete but they won?t be able to crack the top 4 this season.

Last Game: lost to Cinderella (52-53) Next Game: vs. Ariel (1-5)

6. Snow White (3-3): Last Week: #6
2nd straight solid game from Snow White, even without Ed Porch. Quang led the way with 15 pts in addition to 3 other players scoring in double figures. They have a chance to go for a 3rd straight victory, but can they contain the double-double machine White Macadamia?

Last Game: def. Ariel (66-45) Next Game: vs. Elsa (1-5)

7. Jasmine (2-4): Last Week: #7
Albert Bullington has officially been placed on the back of a milk carton. He?s been missing since after week 3. Height: 6?1?, weight: 185 lbs. Your team misses you. Tony doing his usual shooting a lot and Chris running around doing everything else. This team has lost 4 straight and look lost. They?re lucky the teams below them aren?t any better, otherwise they?d be closer to the bottom.

Last Game: lost to Aurora (49-73) Next Game: vs. Cinderella (5-1)

8. Belle (2-4): Last Week: #8
Not sure if Chris Brunson played they would have won, but he certainly would have helped. Rason Williams did his best with 14 pts and got some help from Brian Moore with 10. Besides that, they had nothing else going for them. They go up against a young, athletic team this week that is regaining confidence.

Last Week: lost to Snow White (45-66) Next Game: vs. Tiana (4-2)

9. Elsa (1-5): Last Week #9
They showed up last week and actually put up a good fight against a good team. Double-double machine White Macadamia Mitchell put up 21 pts and 10 rebs and White Chocolate Chip added 15 pts. They?re missing a true guard that can facilitate and make the game easier. If they had a winning record, White Macadamia Mitchell would be the runaway MVP but not sure if that?ll happen with a losing record.

Last Week: lost to Mulan (73-75) Next Game: vs. Snow White (3-3)

10. Ariel (1-5): Last Week: #10
Same ole story this entire season, Daddy Padilla has a great game but they still lose. He and Buddy have tried to carry this team, but not enough help from the rest of the group though Joe Harrod had 12 pts.

Last Game: lost to Tiana (67-80) Next Game: vs. Rapunzel (3-3)

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