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2018 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings
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Subject: 2018 Winter FBDL Week 8 Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of <a href='http://fbl-orlando.com' target='_blank'>fbl-orlando.com</a>
1. Cinderella (6-1): Last Week: #1
Riggo scored 26 pts and had some additional help without Justin Roux in the lineup. Very tough game this week against Aurora, in which they will need their full roster if they want to stay at the top.

Last Game: def. Jasmine (64-54) Next Game: vs. Aurora (6-1)

2. Aurora (6-1): Last week: #2
Tough scoring game but they came away with a big win against a tough Mulan team. They were led by Al Ranrooh and Paolo Gonzalez who both scored 12 pts each. They?ll definitely need to pick up the scoring this week against Cinderella, if they want to regain the #1 spot.

Last Game: def. Mulan (54-52) Next Game: vs. Cinderella (6-1)

3. Mulan (4-3): Last Week: #3
Tough loss in what could have been a big boost for them against one of the better teams. Jo Libutan and C.J. Steen both had a double-double but it wasn?t enough. They should be careful this week against one of the hotter teams in the past few weeks.

Last Game: lost to Aurora (52-54) Next Game: vs. Snow White (4-3)

4. Tiana (4-3): Last Week: #4
The Ball Brothers continue to struggle with only one of the three scoring in double figures, LaMovida with 11 pts. J.J. Quinain kept them in the game with 23 pts, but they were unable to avoid the upset. They should rebound this week against Elsa, but must contain White Macadamia Mitchell.

Last Game: lost to Belle (63-73) Next Game: vs. Elsa (1-6)

5. Snow White (4-3): Last Week: #6
Tougher win than expected, probably because they were without Brandon Baroody last week but I?m sure they?ll take it. Quang Pham continues his strong play with 19 pts but also had some help from D.J. Lee who made 6-3?s finishing with 18 pts.

Last Game: def. Elsa (66-59) Next Game: vs. Snow White (4-3)

6. Rapunzel (3-4): Last Week: #5
Can?t win when most of your team is not at the game. This team has been inconsistent and this doesn?t help their cause. Now they go up against Rason Willliams and company from team Belle.

Last Game: lost to Rapunzel (67-58) Next Game: vs. Belle (3-4)

7. Belle (3-4): Last Week: #8
Very big win for them as they defeated one of the better teams in the league. Rason Williams led the way with 24 pts but got some much needed help from Chris Brunson and Janiel Marquez, who both added 15 pts each. Hopefully they can use the win to give them momentum to continue the winning streak.

Last Game: def. Tiana (73-63) Next Game: vs. Rapunzel (3-4)

8. Jasmine (2-5): Last Week: #7
Well the usual story of Chris Skees and Tony Sphabmixay doing all of the work and the rest of the team being non-existent. Nick Brunson, probably one of the bigger guys in the league, is not having a good season. He may end up on the milk carton with his teammate Albert Bullington.

Last Week: lost to Cinderella (64-54) Next Game: vs. Ariel (2-5)

9. Ariel (2-5): Last Week #10
Daddy Padilla finally got help last week in a much needed victory. He scored 21 rebs and grabbed 10 rebs, but was assisted by 3 other teammates scoring in double-digits, which hasn?t happened much this season. Can the PBL vets build on this win?

Last Week: def. Rapunzel (67-58) Next Game: vs. Jasmine (2-5)

10. Elsa (1-6): Last Week: #9
Another close and tough loss for them last week. White Macadamia Mitchell added another big game to his season with 24 pts and 21 rebs. He was having his way with Snow White?s Ed Porch, but needed more help from his team. Michael Sweating had a solid game, but Elsa couldn?t keep up.

Last Game: lost to Snow White (59-66) Next Game: vs. Tiana (4-3)

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